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    How far can a face Frame go past the sides of the case?

    I'd do Bill's false side trick, it works very well to strengthen the overhang..
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    Happy Birthday Stuart Ablett!

    Best wishes on your trip around the sun!
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    There is a shellac called "platinum blonde" that does almost no color, but does seem to bring out the least to my eyes. I've a pic of a test piece below, on the right side of the blue mark is the platinum shellac. Shellac is colorfast so it won't change over time, but the wood might.
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    well It done finally

    Just when I think my skills are improving, someone posts a pic that raises the bar.:jealous: :rofl:
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    as if i weren't busy today...

    I sure wish I had that much energy (at a younger 73)!
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    Little Stool for Mom

    Hard to imagine she won't be thrilled with it, it's very well done!
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    I fix it.

    There's a surprise for me, I thought only the F150s had the aluminum body. I may have to rethink buying an F250. Anyway, I thought that was a clever and funny solution.
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    Pfizer Injections Part 2 provides a level of comfort, at least it did for us.
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    Happy Birthday Rennie Heuer!

    Best to you on your day, Rennie!
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    Favorite Router Table Lift???

    I've had 2 Woodpecker lifts....they are not only my fav but their CS is outstanding (at least it was before Covid).
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    Taylor tools - 20% off Microjig this weekend

    I got that, and have wanted some of the Microjig clamps for some time. This is likely as cheap as I'll see them so I'll probbaly order some.
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    Maybe someone can help me with this conumdrum

    I wasn't confused before, but I'm pretty sure I am now.:huh:
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    Limbert Bench - Panel Question

    You've got it, you approach (in the original post) is the way I would do it.
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    I'll take 'lawn problems' for $200 Alex...

    It happened to me once, though I didn't go that far. In my case I found out the parts that broke (the hanger bolts) were fairly unique and "obsolete".
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    Not totally flatwork, but.....

    Some years ago I bought a lathe though I'm not a turner. I had always planned on doing turnings for my flatwork stuff and somehow just didn't get around to it. A couple of months ago I was reading an issue of PWW from last year (I'm way behind on my magazines) and came across a "William and Mary...