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    Performax 16-32 sandpaper

    Good point about the alumina zirconia paper, it does last longer and that's what I've switched to using.
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    Performax 16-32 sandpaper

    I've always cut my own after the first pack I used. I kept on the old worn out strips for a pattern (the tapered part) and while it isn't hugely cheaper I still prefer doing that. I did this for my old Delta (now departed) and do it now for the Supermax replacement. I usually get my bulk rolls...
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    Starlink Internet

    Well, in my post above about fiber optic coming to our house I expressed some disbelief that it would really happen. But to my surprise, the conduit for the fiberoptic has been laid this past week, and yesterday the phone company installed the feeder from the conduit to the house. Note there...
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    Nuke school

    You should be, and congrats to Luke!
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    Happy Birthday Darren Wright!

    Have good one Darren!
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    Show me your vises!

    Thanks, the bench weighs about 400# so it's a solid platform. Not shown (this pic is a couple of years old) are some retractable castors I added in case it needs moved. It's tricky since it's very top heavy and i don't move it much.
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    Show me your vises!

    While I would love to have one of the European type benches, I make do with much less. Here's a pic, I have Jorgenson 41012 vises on each end. These are quick release, 10" wide vise. I set them into the top so the outer jaw closes even with the edge of the table (geez, I hope that made sense).
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    Best router for a beginner

    I'd agree with your starting point, but include a plunge base. Like Jim said, there are many of these setups available and they are all good. I prefer the Milwaukee but look the brands over and decide.
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    Speaking of Disgusting Recipes...

    All I can say is that is one odd hobby!:rofl:
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    Computer Printer

    To be the HP line has became "also ran". Our HP ink jet got clogged up a fw years back and without though I bought another HP. That one worked for 2 days and I emailed HP. lmost immediately they sent me a replacement (a "refurbished" one) advising mt to return the original in the box I just...
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    I give up - Voles won

    Rennie, if you had a small raised bed would that keep them from wrecking the tomatoes? Really sux, BTW.
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    Today I got the updated prices on LP for the next year. I buy maybe 300-400 gallons a year, all on summer pricing agreements. So the summer fill price (for having the tanked topped off in the summer months went up 40¢/gallon. Typically my fill takes about 150-175 gallons. Then I'll buy another...
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    Happy Birthday Vaughn McMillan!

    Best to ya' Vaughn.....have a good 'un!
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    sketchup ?

    Larry, check this post by Dave he made some time back...
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    Hardly reason to celebrate, but it's down to $4.35 at some places around us. It hit $5.09 before it started falling. I'm still in conservation mode, tho'.