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    Wood Sculptures

    I guess I can't post a link. I'll try to figure out how to do this. Gary
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    Kinetic Wood Sculptures

    Must be seen to be believed. Gary Curtis:)
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    Literature on Making a Story Stick

    Where can I learn how to make one of these suckers? My need is especially important because I am so totally awful at drawing anything. When I sketch plans for - say - workbenches with drawers along the walls of my shop, I can't even progress to the stage of creating a cutlist. The books I have...
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    Phenolic of UHMW in Thin Sheets?

    Who sells Phenolic or UHMW? To be used to laminate 1" Baltic Birch ply for my router table top. Gary Curtis
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    Cut Optimization Program for Macintosh Computers

    About 2 months ago I bought a copy of CabinetPro and have been thrilled. It comes from Australia, costs $58, and does everything CutList Pro does on Windows computers. And I didn't have to waste much time in learning it. (I have no connection to this company) LINK here...
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    Depth When Cutting a Mortise with Router

    I just bought a whole range of Floating Tennons from Festool. Hardwood. They are part of Festool's Domino system. I'll be using my own router to cut the Mortise slots. I know from reading that the mortise should be fairly tight for the sake of strength. I've been told that to prevent 'hydraulic...
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    Grizzly 1182 Jointer ??

    Any knowledge of this product? I'm in line to buy one in 'barely used' condition. Gary Curtis Northern California:D
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    Running a DC and Machinery on Same Circuit??

    I have a 1.5hp dust collector that can be run either 110v or 220. I just bought a planer and a joiner and want to run either one at the same time as the DC. Because my 110 circuit has a 20-amp breaker, whereas my 220 circuit has a 30-amp, should I rewire the DC for 220? The jointer is a 110v...
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    Opinions on RBI 12.5" Planer for sale

    I have the chance to buy a RBI 12.5" Planer. I've never seen nor heard of this manufacturer, so I'm asking your opinions. The thing is almost brand new, used by a WW hobbyist, and has a 2hp 220v Baldor Motor. The motor alone is worth what the guy is asking ($400). I was a little worried about...
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    Online Source for Metric Machine Screw

    I've looked at Grainger and McMaster-Carr and Bolt Depot and Fastenal. Nobody has M8 Machine Screws with the allen and countersunk head. If our leaders are grooming us for a 'metric makeover', they had better get cracking! Who sells these in small quantities? Gary Curtis:)
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    How Hard is Hard

    I was just ordering some bits from CMT and noticed on the flyleaf of their big product catalog that the Carbide they use has a Rockwell hardness of 92. No wonder carbide tools don't sharpen easily. Gary Curtis
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    Source for Jig Clamp

    Did anyone read the latest issue of FWWing magazine? The issue with the gorgeous boxes on the cover. On page 74 is shown Michael Fortune's Mortising Jig. What would be a source for the interesting hold-down clamps shown there? It isn't Rockler, 'cause I checked. Gary Curtis
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    Ratings of Forstner Bits

    My close friend owns a cabinet shop and builds for customers with a lot of money. He told me that the best drill bits were ones sold by Lee Valley. I'm getting ready to buy a set of Forstner bits ranging from 1/4" to 3". It was puzzling to read the latest issue of FWW magazine. Their test of...
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    Sizing Shelf Pins

    I foresee boring a lot of shelf pin holes next year, and thought using a plunge router rather than drilling, would be the ticket. What size do you bore for shelf pins. Lee Valley sells 5mm pins, 5.5 mm sleeves, 1/4" paddles with 5/16" sleeves. Are the sleeves for softwood? Gary Curtis
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    Source for Aluminum Compressor Tank

    My 19 year-old air compressor looks like a mess. The tank paint is almost completely peeled. And when I drain it, the water that comes out contains a lot of rust. I would like to replace it with a 30 gallon aluminum tank. Does anyone know of a good source that wouldn't break the bank? Gary...