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    Another "What kind of wood" question

    Looks like something tropical to me. I use a lot of Iroko and it has all of those grain patterns at different times. I agree that the botom rail looks like ash but not much else does. Iroko has that "cathedral" grain pattern at times as do other tropicals. If I was forced to guess I'd go Sapele.
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    Some observations on running CNC.

    I have been running 2 CNC routers for about 4 years now. I cut all the parts for my products on them and run them for thousands of hours. I can see that there is an interest in this technology and thought I might scatter some of my fairly random and very personal observations in this post in the...
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    Looking for some help shipping a product

    I am looking to try and get some help getting something shipped over here to the UK. Basically, Lowes (and probably HD) sell a poly pouch which clips on a belt. They are fantastic for the kind of assembly work that I do because I keep a specific fitting in each one and can clip them on and off...
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    Laserers - A bit of info requested

    I wonder if any of the laser owners here can give me a quick bit of information. I have access to a large quantity of european oak offcuts whcih I have a number of ideas for small money making products of a laser etched variety. Before I spend too much time working on this, has anybody any...
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    Anybody got McAfee SiteAdvisor installed?

    I have just had a conversation with a visitor to my site who claims that McAfee SiteAdvisor plus gave her a warning about my site but, fairly typically, could give me no further guidance of what the warning claimed was wrong. Is anybody running this prog. and if so would you be willing to tell...
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    Wood ID help

    I am seeking some help with ID'ing some timebr. It has been supplied to me as Western Red Cedar but I am pretty certain that it is not. I am sorry but I don't have pics at this time but will post some tomorrow if nobody can recognise it from the description. It is approx the same density as WRC...
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    Spam vermin

    Some piece of spam vermin has, once again, used one of my business email addresses as a return address on the e-mails he is spawning. So far today I have deleted over 600 "delivery failure" notices. This waste of good DNA has picked up my address from a contact on my website which , sadly, needs...
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    Moderation in all things.

    I reported a thread the other day. Doesn't matter which thread or why. I saw content on a thread that I considered breached the CofC and used the "report a thread" doodah to report it. Within an hour or so I got a friendly note from a mod that told me that my report was being reviewed. Nothing...
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    Hello - remember me??

    OK - Here are the pics Here are the pictures so far - nothing much to see - concrete floor - brick wall - steel frame - profiled steel cladding. Roof line is 11' 6" at eaves 15' at the ridge. 12' wide roller shutter door The one thing that this definitely isn't is a studio :D (Marty's...
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    Hello - remember me??

    Hello all - sorry I have not been around for quite a while. Family stuff mainly but also an explosive business growth that has pretty much taken up every waking minute for the last 4-5 months. I have been popping in from time to time but no time to contribute or post. Anyway, the above...
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    Vacuum Clamping

    Despite recent PC problems I have actually been active in the shop in the last few days as well. I have finally got round to implementing a vacuum clamping system for the templates I use with my Onsrud pin router. I always had a vague distrust of vaccum clamping. I guess for two reasons -...