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    DW735 new parts

    Yeah, pretty strong blower behind that saw dust! Jack
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    Significant changes to Medicare in 2021

    Thanks Don! I will check with HR about the "credible" coverage question. So, if my group insurance is credible she doesn't have to sign up for Medicare until I retire? We will both be 65 next month. Please send me the form if you don't min ( We live in Texarkana, AR (population...
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    Significant changes to Medicare in 2021

    Don, My wife is retired and collects SS. Her dob 10/30/55. She received notice that charges for Medicare Part A & B would begin in October. My dob is 10/5/55. I will not retire until 2022 at the earliest. As I have good benefits with a high deductible medical plan and an HSA. As I understand it...
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    Significant changes to Medicare in 2021

    Don, Do you provide advice for a fee to those of us who are at signup age for Medicare? Thanks Jack
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    Best possible news.

    Great news Don!!
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    Screen lock preventer

    This idea is just too cool! I gotta make me one of those to keep my company computer unlocked! I work from home with just me and my wife so no reason for the computer to lock me out after 3 minutes. Jack
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    The internet has changed. How's your speed lately?

    No change here. Cable connection is still super fast. Jack
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    Anyone Want to Learn Something About Using SketchUp?

    Dave, I voted for 7P and would appreciate the reminder as well. Thanks Jack
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    Shark Bite fittings

    Those fittings are the bee's knees, best thing since sliced bread, etc! You will love them! I have done my fair share of soldering copper pipes but no more ;-) Jack
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    A New Tool Gloat

    Congrats Dave! iGage makes good stuff. I just ordered their bluetooth enabled digital caliper. Having a quality tool in the hand while working just makes me smile ;-) Jack
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    poor reponse from target coatings

    Larry, I just sent my message through the contact screen at the website. Jack
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    poor reponse from target coatings

    I placed my first order of tinted pigmented lacquer paint from them several weeks ago. I received a gallon of white lacquer when I had ordered 32 oz tinted to SW Downy. Unfortunately I did not select the right product so it was my bad. I sent an email Sunday received a response on Monday morning...
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    Flex a Jaw Clamp

    Hi All, Anyone here have experience with the Flex a Jaw clamp from Peachtree? They are 50% off today. Thanks Jack
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    Discounts for Holbren

    Anyone here know if there are any discount codes available for Holbren? I am considering getting the Byrd Shelix head for my Dewalt 735. Thanks Jack
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    Craftsman Parallel Clamps (New)

    I just received my Sears mailer and they are offering parallel clamps now that look suspisciously like Bessy's new Revo Clamps. Member pricing appears pretty good. 40" for $49.99. Both jaws are adjustable and mulitiple accessories available. Anyone out there tried or seen these clamps up close...