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    Florida Inspiration

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    2008 Florida Turning Symposium

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    Small Town "Goings On"

    Hi everyone Thought you might enjoy this giggle. This summer when we were traveling around we stopped for breakfast at a small town coffee shop (can't remember exactly where, it was in New England). There was obviously a whole flock of "regulars" and the waitresses behind the counter were...
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    Lathe Stand Completed

    Hi everyone Well, after lots of advice in this thread I decided to put as much weight in my lathe stand as possible, and to make it mobil. So off to the hardware store to buy some steel casters, two fixed, two swivel, each with a...
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    Do you put additional weight in your lathe stand

    In this post, Bill Simpson shares his views about not needing to put weight in a lathe stand if it is properly designed. What has been your experience?
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    Putting Jaws on a Nova 2 Chuck

    First of all, I apologize for what will be an Endless series of questions but I'm out here all by my lonesome except for my cyber buddies. So I'm sure that there will be a lot more questions as I puzzle this thing out. Sure is different from going to a workshop where everything was set up...
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    Lathe placement

    Hi everyone Well, I'm starting to set up the new lathe, first one for me. Space is limited, and I initially had thought about putting it on wheels. but thinking about the weight and the fact that I'm going to fill the stand's legs with sand I think that is a non starter. I have two places I...
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    New arrival

    Finally the new addition to the shop arsenal arrived. You would have thought it was a big ONE WAY from the size of the truck Love those lift gates! The new kid on the block And his toys Now I have to wait for the stand to arrive -- tomorrow maybe and then start putting things together. Got...
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    Maintenance Mode -- Duh moment and I'm not blonde!

    We have an outdoor table chair set that need major refinishing. When we bought it, I stupidly agreed to apply a new "wonder product" water based, better than varnish etc. Well, it failed, looks terrible and I thought I'd get going on the dreaded task. Looking over the list of honey do...
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    Death of a friend

    OK, not really that dramatic, but I pulled out my old trusty 5 1/2' wooden step ladder today and saw that it had failed, just leaning up against the wall. It was made by the Topping Ladder Company of Marion NY My Dad bought it for...
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    All of sudden I've noticed that I'm not getting emails regarding new posts to threads I've in which I have participated. I have checked my email/spam filters and nothing is blocked, anyone else having problems? Jay
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    First bowl

    Well, it is with some trepidation that I post this, considering all the wonderful stuff I've seen here, but I've got to start some where. In August LOML and I packed the car and started roaming, got to Atlanta as mentioned in this thread...
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    How about a Book Review Section?

    I suspect that there are some others on the forum with backgrounds similar to mine -- who have never had a lot of formal training nor the opportunity to work with anyone else so they dive into books to help them learn. (OH, and I suspect they spend some time on this forum as well :rofl:) So...
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    Thinking outside the errrrrrrr garage

    LOML has encouraged me to think about leasing some space to set up my shop so we (she) can reclaim the garage. The zoning/setback requirements in our town as such that building on simply isn't possible, and going "up" would be way too expensive for what we'd get. I'm trying to find some kind...