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    Spalted Paulownia any good?

    I may try one because I need a bigger bowl for my popcorn. But I have just lost interest in turning. Only can use so many bowls.... Might make a few blanks but expect to be selling this house and building a new one. That is just more stuff to move too.
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    Spalted Paulownia any good?

    Yup. Lot of small ones. Blooms and seed pods on this one confirmed it.
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    Spalted Paulownia any good?

    True, but spare time is not something I have a lot of right now.
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    Spalted Paulownia any good?

    Long time since I have posted anything. Bought some land, busy cleaning it up and removing trees. Had a really large tree down we drug out with the tractor and was quite surprised to see red shavings coming out as I was cutting it up with the chainsaw. Took some time to figure out it was...
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    Desk idea, input wanted

    Long time since I posted anything. Here is a very old idea I have had for a computer desk. Pulled it back up and seriously looking at it again. I still like the concept but I have decided I do not like the cabinets undernearth. Style doesn't match the desk and I want to go with shelves...
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    My first boat building class

    Just got back last week from teaching my first class building my Kayaks. I was invited to the Marine Science Consortium in Wallops Virgina. We built 2 VARDO's and 3 Ravenswood kayaks in 8 days. I know the students learned a lot but so did I! It was one of the most educational experiences I have...
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    (sort of) Bulk tool buying

    I need to stock the tool boxes for an upcoming boat building class. I need to buy quite a few small items. multiple hand saws, 3' levels, small carpenter style squares, tape measures, c clamps, pistol grip clamps..... I need 4 or 5 of each of most of these. Clamps by the case probably. I can...
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    Boat rack

    Super simple project, but that is point. It took me weeks to come up with this simple idea. To lazy to reformat it, so here is a link to my blog. Insomnia was the answer!
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    Cotton...whatever is started

    I have got to name this boat. I am torn between Cotton Row, my initial idea and Cottonwood. I was playing with different designs looking for a pulling(rowing) boat. I took a previous design and made it more like a scull. Added a deck with coamings, lowered the profile while trying to keep...
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    Good Fein Multimaster clone?

    Never had any interest in one of these till now. I have a boat project coming up where it appears one of these will be near indispensable. Even so it will likely be a one time project, put away in the tool cabinet and pulled out once ever year for some little something. So if you have used one...
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    It's terminal

    Well, it's official..... my mechanic took a look at my truck today and he called in's got maybe a couple of months left. ....sigh.
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    Restoration of Makin Waves

    OK, I have put this off as long as I can but this is my next big project. I have talked about it for years but I am a little intimidated by this one. First a little history. I bought this as an ugly ducking 20 years ago, refinished and did a few repairs to it. Used it several years and then it...
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    End tables for the MIL

    Finished these up last week. They are for my MIL but they fit our Craftsman house so much better I want to keep them!
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    New tool cabinet

    It's finished. Of course it will be modified for a long time to come but it's hangingon the wall and all the tools (I have found) are in it. I have some thing I am not sure where I want put yet but they will wait till latter. Time to rest for a couple of days and then move on making Shad right.
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    New tool cabinet

    Yesterday I got the doors built and started working on the brackets to hold the tools before I gave out. Today I went back to work on the brackets and trying to figure out how to arrange the tools. To make it easier on myself I spread the the cabinet pieces around the shop and started...