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    Sword Stand

    Okay, I need to build a Sword stand. This is for a Japanese Katana. The design will have the sword and scabbard displayed separate, with the curve side up (blade up) for good luck. Looking for plans are not working in my favor. I would like to make it craftsman style with Curly soft maple...
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    Saw mill

    So I will more than likely be buying this in the near future. Any one had any experience with this unit? Woodland Mills HM130. This will take a 30” log with a 22” max cut. I would love a wood mixer but don’t really need one. And comments or concerns?
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    Sketch up

    Where do I go to download Sketch up for Apple?
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    Looking for a Sawyer

    I have 18 logs here I need to have milled into useable lumber. I have found out that our normal sawyer has retired from sawing timbers.:( So I am looking for a sawyer with a woodmizer portable sawmill to mill these up for me. I am in SW Michigan. Any ideas?:huh: The logs are as follows. 2...
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    Saw Blades

    Safety tip....don't drop 450mm (18") saw blade in rubber mat....blade will bounce back....always have super glue on hand..... Yea this one is going to leave a mark.
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    Turf and Ag tires Hope this helps Rob
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    Well I have spent a total of $180.00. Did I do good?there is about 8-9 logs like this and a total of 14 logs. I have 1 22"x12' hidden on the left side also. They are cut at 8'6" to 12'. Will post pics after the woodmizer gets here. :)
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    Pressure pots?

    Ok. Got a few questions for you smart turning guys/ gals. I acquired 2 pressure tanks today that I would like to turn into pressure pots for resin. What would I need to do this. Vacuum pump or air pressure? Jigs? will these work? Both have 300psi max pressure capability.
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    Happy Birthday Ted Calver

    Happy birthday Ted hope it is a good one:):thumb:
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    Knife making Question

    I am looking for a place or site to find pre-made knife steel so that I can put a wood piece on the knife. I would like to do this for my Best man and Groomsmen for august. Thanks for the help JIM:thumb:
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    Al Killian

    Here is the Pic of the Knives we make. All I have are pics of the knives in the head. we use M2 Steel
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    Curly Jarrah Cutting board

    Here is a Curly Jarrah Cutting Board that I made for a friend of ours. hope you like it:):thumb:
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    Qtrd Curly Cherry Bed (It's started)

    Well I have started a new project. I make so many wood projects during the course of the day I think that I should make something for my LOML and myself. What I am making is a Quartered Sawn Curly Cherry Bed with Raised Curly Soft Maple Panels. I have just started this project and will update...
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    should I use Titebond Liquid Hide Glue?

    We have had this project at our shop that we glue up 4 2 x 2 x 38" Walnut blanks into a 4 x 4 x 38" blank when it is glued up, and it gets turned into a profile. When we get it back from the turner we have to separate this in 4 parts to be used as 4 legs of a table. Now we have a HARD time...