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    Anyone have an old PC router with speed control on the fritz???

    I have an older PC 8529 that the speed control quit working on a bunch of years ago. It was 3 years old when it started acting up, but only had about 3 hours use on it. But out of warranty. New speed control was over a hundred bucks...out of the question especially when PC couldn't answer my...
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    Christmas Music Time!!!

    If anyone is interested, I have a YouTube playlist that is unlisted with a little over 4 hours of A Capella Christmas songs. If you use Firefox (32 bit) or Waterfox (64 bit) download Adblock and you can cut out all the YouTube generated commercials. Other browsers may be able to do the same...
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    What material for a DIY rail for Biesemeyer fence?

    I've finally decided to go ahead and make a new fence mounting rail so I can use my Biese fence on the Grizzly G0691. I can get steel or aluminum tubing in the correct size. Steel in 3/16" wall, and Aluminum in 1/4" wall. Would the Aluminum be strong enough and hold up as well? Or will it...
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    Happy Birthday

    Hope you are having a great day. Here, this is for you you. At least now you won't have to go out for dessert. Jim.
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    Color me stumped...Garage door issues.

    Hi! I haven't posted here in a while, but I have been looking in periodically. Got an issue with our garage door. This is a normal roll up door of wood construction. It is 18' wide. About 3 weeks ago, we started getting a gap at the left side. I have tried increasing the tension on the...
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    Anyone here made their own Biese fence tube?

    I'm looking for a less expensive alternative to the 250.00 Delta 78-055B fence tube. I'd like to use my Biese fence that is currently on my Ridgid 3612 TS and be able to use it on my G0691. Hopefully I can make adjustments on the rail so that I can keep the same fence adjustments and switch...
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    Any woodworking stores near Fairfax, VA?????

    Headed there next month for a dog show at the Frying Pan Park near Dulles airport. Host hotel listed as Fairfax. Won't have a lot of free time with the club activities going on, and my wife's aunt and uncle and a married cousin or two with kids. But if there is a place close, I might be able...
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    software for electrical circuits

    I use an old Punch! Home Design Architectural Series 18 program that shows electrical symbols and lights and ceiling fans. Not sure what the current (sorry) program costs these days, but you could look on the net and see if there is a basic version available as a trial or freeware. You...
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    Home antenna build for TV

    OK, I'm through with Charter TV. Last couple months, price has increased a little with another increase this next month. All in all about 10 dollars, they say mostly taxes. At the same time I noticed that several channels dropped out. I called last week and evidently they had me on a plan...
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    Ok roll up its dogshow time show me your shop dog. Update us on a latest pic

    Our two youngest enjoy sniffing around the shop when I go out to get a tool or something where I'm not running power tools. I don't trust them, don't want to divide my attention, if I'm working out there. Here are the two youngest, as pups last April or May: Jett on the left, and Ryder on...
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    Bandsaw Accessories

    This is the only purchased accessory I have for my bandsaw, besides blades.Use it to round off the back side of the blade so it maneuvers easier when making curved cuts. Mine is a different brand than this one, but they all work the same way. Jim.
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    Someone here just won the daily grand prize....

    ...on the Bessey Christmas Giveaway!!!!! Mohammad Madha.....Come On Down!!!! Congrats and let us all know how you like the clamps you won! Jim.
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    Ok, so what Christmas music are you listening to this year?

    Here is a link to a video the group in my signature line put out of one of the songs on their Christmas EP: There is another link where you can listen to the entire EP (6 songs). Make sure you have the sub woofer on when you listen to it or you won't...
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    Coolmeadow Creations Shop Construction

    Well, the last 2 plus years have been a little rough, and very very busy. With LOML and I both having cancer diagnoses and the subsequent surgeries, addition of 2 pups to the household , and the loss of our oldest Irish Setter, there hasn't been much going on in the shop. I did start an...
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    I think it's toast....

    I was mowing Sat before dark, just the back yard, when clatter, clatter, clatter, pop, pop....pop, and the engine died. A little background, this is a mower my Dad gave me 3 years ago, I have no idea how long he had it before then, probably 5 at least. Craftsman hydrostatic with a Briggs &...