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    Finally fit in some woodworking

    Thanks Darren, I don't feel so sad finally being able to post something wood related{lol}...Been fixing up a small trailer that my neighbor had sitting in his junk pile for years and gave me the "go-ahead and take it if wanted". Blew off the remains of the De-laminated plywood deck and after...
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    HELP! Any Electricians?

    Here's my take on it, artistic work and all:rolleyes:...though I have the black and white reversed from your switch photo, it doesn't matter as there is no 'Neutral' in the set-up...make sure to mark the white feed with electrical tape to make aware for the next fella {lol}... the squiggly lines...
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    HELP! Any Electricians?

    Here's the map I used doing my neighbors install...hope it helps.
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    Calliope plans

    This might be usable... :dunno: Edit,{sample} I right clicked and 'saved as', then opened it, enlarged it and took a screen shot...might work for you worth a shot if you're not into buying the issue as Larry mentioned.
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    Best birthday gift ever!

    Couldn't decide where I should post this as it would probably fit in a number of different topics, flat work, turning, carving, metalwork, hand tools, leather work etc. etc.....any-way’s, USPS dropped off a package today from Ryan Mooney, and he sent me these for my birthday...I'm still at a...
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    Happy Birthday Vaughn

    Have a 'Rock Star' day! :beer:
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    You folks have pull!

    And my eternal thanks!!! She's out of ICU and hopefully will be home in another day or three...working on lung improvement at the moment and will attempt the valve replacement sometime next month if all goes well in-between times. When she went into cardiac arrest, they had to perform CPR for...
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    Could use a few more if you got 'em ...

    Hit a set back at the start of JoAnn's surgery yesterday morn...when they put her under, her blood pressure dropped and she went into cardiac arrest, needless to say> no valve replacement yet. She's in ICU and finally late last night began coming to. Facing uncertainty in the original plan as we...
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    My turn

    to request thoughts & wishes...My wife JoAnn is having heart problems, possibly due to a bad valve...While testing they also found something about her kidney they want to investigate further..any-ways, in the middle of running around right now, will fill you all in when I know something more...
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    Smokin Grill

    Hillbilly style aka poormans paradise... Dry stacked cinder blocks coated with Quikrete's 'QuikWall" {cement & fiberglass mix}. Old aluminum crawl space access cover as a lid. 3" exhaust pipe for smoke flow....still need to have a grate made up and rig up a better firebox door...couple more...
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    Happy Birthday Rennie Heuer

    Have a great day Rennie! :b-day::beer:
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    Happy Birthday Rob Keeble

    Hope you have a great day Rob :beer::b-day:
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    Possible site issue

    Page 2 working here...
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    Computer illiterate

    Like this 1st highlite the word you wish to use as a link in the place you would like it in your reply box/window>>> Then copy 'the link' you wish to insert>>> click on the 'link icon' in your reply box>>> Paste the link in the URL box and click ok>>>> Hope that covers it...and a...
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    Name that tune

    Need a little help...finally got my guitar build to a playable state, but that doesn't mean my mind is working right lol I'm a wannabe player, and I'm just beginning on trying my hand at finger-picking so please bear with the quality or lack of ;) in the following sound clip.....I've picked up...