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    Im not in trouble

    Chuck, it is very simple the way my wife explained it to me. She said, "What is mine is mine and what is yours is mine also." We were married almost 50 years ago. We were in college at the time and my allowance was 35 cents per day. That would get me a cup of coffee and a pastry at the...
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    Going to Extreme Measures

    Time to hollow that loaf out and fill it out crab dip.
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    I need a hair cut

    I also went to the barber today. I think he bailed up all the hair he was cutting off the hairy beasts waiting outside of which I was one. Man, does it feel good to get that weight off my shoulders.
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    I just hit Amazon HARD.

    When we redid our kitchen we wanted to put some additional shelves in some of the cabinets. I bought a shelf pin jig from Amazon to do the job. If I had known you needed one I would have sent this one for the price of shipping.
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    Sawdust and Snakes

    I have only encountered three rattlesnakes in the wild in my life. The first was a pygmy rattler that was crossing the street near my aunt's house at the beach. Us kids were poking it with a stick and generally harassing it until my uncle came out and snatched us back and explained that it was a...
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    A long time.....

    What a wonderful accomplishment for you both. Congratulations!
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    Sawdust and Snakes

    Dave, we were down in the woods building a camp. I was chopping on a sapling with my trusty bush axe and a black snake fell out of it and landed around me neck. As soon as I saw him there I did a Roadrunner imitation and ran so fast that snake was left suspended in mid-air. When it hit the...
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    Sawdust and Snakes

    When I was a kid all of us boys had a bush axe. We thought we were a bunch of Vikings after seeing The Vikings with Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis and Ernest Borgnine. The closest thing we had to a Viking axe was a bush axe so we marched around with our sharpened to razor sharpness bush axes. We...
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    Sawdust and Snakes

    Yeah, I learned that from President Jimmy Carter who tried to fend off a killer bunny rabbit that tried to get in the boat with him. He beat that poor bunny senseless with his paddle.
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    Sawdust and Snakes

    Since we are telling tall tales about snakes I will have to tell you the one about the Cottonmouth water moccasin I encountered while fishing for crappie in Currituck Sound in Northeastern N.C. We went on a yearly trip fishing for largemouth bass, crappie and other sunfish. On this particular...
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    African blackwood

    There are many ebonies. Some are black as night (Gaboon and Ceylon (which is the blackest of the black that I have seen) ebony); ebony with stripes (Macassar ebony, striped ebony, Mun ebony) and even black and white ebony which happens to be a favorite of mine because of how interesting the...
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    African blackwood

    No, African blackwood is actually a member of the rosewood family (Dalbergia) whereas Ebony is in the diospyros family which just happens to include Persimmon. Texas ebony is not a true ebony. It works well but can be brittle. It also can respond poorly to excessive sanding. Like most dense...
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    Sawdust and Snakes

    Chuck's story about his dad reminds me of the story about how the farmer broke his arm. It seems this farmer came in for supper and was all sweaty and dirty. He told his wife he was going to take a shower before supper. His wife waved him on and went about her business. A moment or two...
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    Sawdust and Snakes

    My father bought 37 acres of land when he moved in Winston-Salem although we actually lived right outside in Forsyth County. He gave his mother and father one acre of that property where they built a house not far from ours. It was a long and narrow piece of land which included some open...
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    New Experience While Turning

    Dave, this story reminds me of something that happened to me over 30 years ago. We had just moved to a new house situated on a 7 acre lot that was completely wooded except for a small patch of grass in the front and back and the driveway. It was severely overgrown and when backing out of the...