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    WTB Mcnaughton Coring System

    I am looking for a Mcnaughton Coring System. If anyone wants to part with one please let me know. Thanks.
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    Issue with bowl finish

    I was at a show yesterday selling some of my work. It started to rain pretty hard. Before we could get the sides down on the gazebo, some of my bowls got wet. When the rain stopped, we got some towels and wiped them off. However, there where whitish spots on the bowls. I finished the bowls with...
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    Bowl Bottom Finding Jig

    This jig is ideal for finding the inside bottom of a bowl relative to the outside. It aids in getting the correct wall thickness near the bottom. This is easy to build, cheap, easy to use, and very effective. The plans can be seen: Here
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    Homemade articulating hollowing tool

    I have many free plans for woodturning jigs, but this is my newest. It is cheap to build and works very well. The plans for building this are HERE. Please feel free to build your own.
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    Pen Drilling Jig

    I would like to share some of the jigs that I have made to make woodworking easier and more enjoyable. Here is my pen drilling jig. Click HERE to view the plans to build it. Use this jig to securely hold your pen blank while drilling a perfect center hole all the way through your blank. This...
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    FS: Bottle stopper kits

    After clearing out my shop, I have a bunch of bottle stopper kits that I would like to sell. Please email me if you are interested. I have 37 of the cone shaped stoppers and 20 of the teardrop style. They are chrome plated and have a 3/8" removable post. I paid around $5 each at craft...
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    Homemade Bowl Coring Tool

    I have been contemplating building a bowl coring tool. My original thought was to make something like the Mcnaughton tool. However, I came across a video on youtube that might be of interest. It's noting like the Mcnaughton tool, but it is very nice. Take a look at it and let me know what...
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    Fixing my Racal Airlite Powered Respirator Batter Pack

    I have an old Racal Airlite powered respirator face shield. The batter pack wouldn't hold a charge for very long. I searched online for a new pack with no luck. They stopped making these a long time ago. But since it still is a good shape and I don't want to spend the $$ for a new model, I...