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  • Roger, I've lived in the Keys for 40 years and was a dive boat Capt. on my off days form my regular job (park ranger). Worked like that for 15 years for extra money. My picture is out near Alligator Reef in my own boat. Sold that boat about 10 months ago - tired motor that needed replacement and there just wasn't money in the budget for a new one (15-18 grand). Had a lot of fun on that boat but we are also moving out of the Keys. Just not the place it was when we moved here (to many people for a two lane 120 mile road). To answer your question- have not been diving in many years and I'm just getting to old for it anyways. Love to swim and fish but diving is in the pass. I know that we both will miss the area and that beautiful blue water but all our friend are moving out also so there is not much to keep us here. What I am looking forward to is a larger shop with room to move around in. A one car garage has it's limitations.
    Robert, I see you are a diver. I haven't seen that flag in a long time. My parents used to be friends with a diver, and we used to go to club events and eat hamburgers and watch. My mum sewed patches for the members, using the diving flag as the background. Have you been diving long?

    Roger Tulk
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