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    Wedding Backdrop - Harry Potter Themed Deathly Hallows

    This is definitely not fine woodworking, but it's the most use my wwing tools have seen in a while. I got asked to make a deathly hallow symbol as a "wedding arch" for my nephew and niece-in-law's Harry Potter themed wedding. It's about 81" tall x 81" wide, hinges in the middle and has...
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    OCDC: Same Guys, Same Songs, New Name

    You're awesome, man! (y)(y)(y) (I think the proper phrase is "You rock!" :cool::headbang::guitar:)
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    Hits Just Keep on Coming ... HOT! ... HVAC Quit! ... UPDATE!!!

    The capacitor is worth checking. If you don't have the ability to check it, they can be cheap enough that you may even want to just replace it to see. Service guys tend to charge $100+ for the call, plus way too much for the $15-20 cap, plus tax, etc.
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    Happy Birthday Rennie Heuer!

    Belated happy birthday Rennie! :b-day::b-day_cake:
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    Happy Birthday scott spencer!

    Thanks a bunch everyone! It means a lot! :cool:
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    Compact tractors

    Dealer support is every bit as important as build quality and features. A friend of mine went through a similar purchase a year or so ago....he wanted the JD, but the dealer would hardly give him the time of day. He went with the Kubota, and is thrilled.
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    Who wants to help me fix my breadboard ends ?

    Is there room on the top of the tenon at the furthest point in to shim it a little, in hopes it may help level things?
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    2021 good news....

    Thank you. I sure don't care much for bigger brother looking over my shoulder, but I definitely appreciate your reply.
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    2021 good news....

    Is $600 the threshold between hobby and paying federal taxes on the income?
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    got dragged around today....

    We took our kids to the renaissance festival in Sterling New York a few years back. They enjoyed it. Saw jousting, caber toss, some dumb theatre plays, spent money. What fun :rolleyes: :LOL:
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    Poltergeist or power fluctuation?

    My dust collector (with a remote control) seems to get triggered a few times a year....enough so that I unplug it unless I'm using it.
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    TV antenna trouble

    Have you tried auto-tuning the channels through the TV menu?
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    Happy Birthday Vaughn McMillan!

    Happy birthday young man!!!
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    Another New Guitar in the Stable

    That's a beauty!
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    Just for Vaughn- save those guitar strings....

    Really cool. I used to like that Forged in Fire show. Wish I tolerated heat better, because it'd sure be neat to do.