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    No prime rib this year

    Yeah but everybody thinks we are getting rich at these prices
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    Friday 11Nov22 Veteran's Day

    Best Friday of all. Oldest daughter is in labor right now with 2nd grandchild. As usual, they didn't want to know boy/ girl, so a surprise it will be.
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    Whaen that happenss around here, they usually bring in a trackhoe and rip the bales apart. Glad to see you spotted it early and no one was hurt.
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    Queen Elizabeth

    I do believe she was one of the great ones. She will be missed
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    RIP - Nancy Hiller

    She was a wonderful person. I got to know her pretty well, like all of us her life had its issues, before the cancer. She only lived couple hours north of me, was planning a visit, but Covid and then the cancer put the brakes on all of that. I will miss her.
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    News stated 1 hour 4"s

    July 8 we had two ponds completed. Basic clean out and rebuild. According to our handy el' cheapo rain guage we have had 13 1/2 plus inches of rain since that date. Both ponds are now close to the spilway. Went from record drought to flooding in around 30 days.
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    $4.18 yesterday and $4.28 today. Ain't it grand
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    Filled our LP tanks today. $2.09 gallon Thats a winter price around here
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    Slowly fell to 4.38 here.
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    4.48 this morning. Dropped 21 cents over night. Getting the LP tanks filled next week, can't wait for that adventure
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    Dust Collector remote

    Ha, posted video twice.
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    Dust Collector remote

    Here's a new option for controlling anything 12 amps or less.
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    Dropped 20 cent here today too. Calm before the storm?
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    4.89 today. Things are looking good...................
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    Or get there before the price goes up again?