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    possible future home - Made an offer, waiting for a counter offer

    WooHoo, let the fun begin :woohoo:
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    This was meant to be a mock-up but...

    Ok, that makes sense, thanks 👍
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    This was meant to be a mock-up but...

    Unique nice looking bench Toni! I guess I don’t understand the base, is it meant to rock? Nice to see a project from you, it’s been a while 🙂
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    Grandfather Greene

    You have to ship these to California correct? THAT is scary! Just might need to make a little trip south and see those before shipping. Really looking good Rennie 👍
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    Grandfather Greene

    That clock face is kool!!!
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    Frame Miter Clamping Helper

    Looks like a useful item to have👍
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    Happy 100th

    Happy Birthday to your wife’s grandpa!!! 100 years snd still sporting a great smile 😊 also thank him for his service 👍
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    Grandfather Greene

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    Now this is a tractor

    Way kool!!!
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    Good thoughts for Sharon.

    How scary Brent! Glad the medical staff made it to your compound in a timely manner and got Sharon to the hospital and getting the care/treatment needed. All the best of everything headed your way.
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    Friday 19Nov21

    Tearing my shop apart, busting down a wall, generally making a gigantic mess😬
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    Happy Birthday Mike Stafford!

    Happy Birthday Mike, I wish it a great one with many more to follow :wave:
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    Greene and more Greene

    "Someday" has become today, great build Rennie (y)
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    Not Really Woodworking

    Serious sketch up skills Dave👍👍👍
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    Those will be put to work in the man cave, very kool Dave👍