william watts

I am retired from a consumer electronics business that I owned for 18 years. That was last century when most products are still analog. I did repairs and sold Zenith, RCA, and other USA electronics. Sadly these are all gone. Sold my business and went to work for a nation wide retailer for a few years. Then stopped working altogether.

Late in life I meet a wonderful a lady and remarried, we have been married 5 years now. She helps in the garage shop with clamping and holding odd boards in just the right position, and even helps clean up shop! She works in her garden and I work in the garage shop. She raises vegetables and I make saw dust.

Growing up I came from a family that believed if anything need doing around the house my dad did it or it did not get done. My interest in woodworking came from my dad. I fortunate enough to have a few of his tools and really enjoy using them.

vinyl records, woodworking
Central valley, calif.