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  1. Richard Wolf

    Ellipitcal Stairs, (pics).

    Here are some pics of my latest staircase. Sorry for not cleaning the lens. I was a difficult staircase to design, but everyone is pleased. The rails should be fun also, but I have a few weeks before I get to them. Richard
  2. Richard Wolf

    FS. 6" Jet Jointer

    This is a few years old, but has not seen a lot of use. It has been collecting dust, so if some one can use it I will sell it for $200 with the mobile base.
  3. Richard Wolf

    Stairs and Rails, (Pics)

    Building, installing, or renovating the stairs and rails in your house can be one of the most difficult jobs you will undertake. Not because the skills are difficult to learn or master, it's just something most people don't get to practice. Here some pictures of a recently completed stair and...