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    Flex a Jaw Clamp

    Hi All, Anyone here have experience with the Flex a Jaw clamp from Peachtree? They are 50% off today. Thanks Jack
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    Discounts for Holbren

    Anyone here know if there are any discount codes available for Holbren? I am considering getting the Byrd Shelix head for my Dewalt 735. Thanks Jack
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    Craftsman Parallel Clamps (New)

    I just received my Sears mailer and they are offering parallel clamps now that look suspisciously like Bessy's new Revo Clamps. Member pricing appears pretty good. 40" for $49.99. Both jaws are adjustable and mulitiple accessories available. Anyone out there tried or seen these clamps up close...
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    Irwin Parallel Clamps

    Hi All, Received a mailer from Rockler w/Irwin clamps at a good price. the 24" are $19.99 and the 48" are $26.99. Anyone here have experience w/the clamps and have an opinion on hor good a deal this is? Thanks Jack
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    Metal shop stand Rockler or Kreg?

    Hi All, I recently purchased a Kreg clamp table and am looking to add the stand/casters. I was looking through the Rockler site and I can get a stand and casters there for $40 less than the Kreg branded stand/casters plus free shipping. The Kreg stand looks to be a little beefier than the...
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    Ridgid 10" 90 tooth titanium blade

    Hi all, I'm thinking of replacing the factory blade on my Makita 10" slider w/this Ridgid blade. I really like the "Chop Master" by Forrest but at half the cash lay out the Ridgid looks rather appealing. Anyone have experience w/this blade? Thanks Jack
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    Fein Multimaster tool/kit

    Hi All, I am seriously considering the Multimaster but at $400 am a little hesitant. Any educated opinions on this product here? I have some remodeling to do around the house (I built it 20+ years ago so maybe a lot of remodeling). The money is not a major issue for me but I do want to get my...
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    Sheet goods storage

    Hi All, I saw plans for a sheet goods storage unit a while back and can't locate it now that I am ready to build and install (go figure :doh:). This storage unit had a caster on one end and the other end was hinged to the wall so that it could be swung out for getting at the plywood and swung...
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    Wixey digi read out for Planer and Groz bench plane

    Hi All, I am looking at buying the Wixey for me Dewalt 735. I am also thinking about getting the Groz #3 smooth plane on sale at Woodcraft. Anyone here have experience w/either or both and could share your thoughts? Thanks Jack
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    Bosch PR20EVSNK trim router kit question

    Hi All, I am looking at getting the Bosch Colt router. The kit includes an angle base and some other goodies. I've never used or owned a trim router so don't know if the kit is worth the premium price. I can get the router w/the normal base for $80. The kit costs $159. Any opinions? Thanks Jack
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    The Woodworking Shows

    H All, I tried to access their website the last couple of days and get a page cannot be displayed message. I wanted to confirm the Dec 07 show dates for the Dallas, TX area. Any of you have that info? Thanks Jack
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    23 guage Pinners

    Hi All, I am looking to purchase a "Pinner" soon and have read a few reviews on them. The Grex & Cadex come out on top. I am looking for 2" max length. Do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks Jack
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    Router table lifts/tables

    Hey All, I will be purchasing a router lift/table soon. I built my first router table 20+ years ago and have an early jointtech fence. The reviews that I have read give the Jessem the nod. But a $1000+ for table, fence and router is pretty steep. What are your thoughts? Thanks Jack
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    Sharpener Jet vs Tormek

    I bought the Jet for price. I want to get the the diamond truing accessory. It appears that the Tormek is a better choice. Opinions please:-) Thanks Jack
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    Freud Fusion 40 toth combo blade

    Hey Gang, I have used the Forrest Blade for years. I need to ship it off for sharpening and was looking for a comparable blade to use in it's absence. I have read some on the Freud Fusion 40 tooth combo blade. Anyone have experience w/this blade? Thanks Jack Lemley