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    Work bench

    I am going to build a bench (laminating 2x material), and want a vise. One of those cast iron jobs, w/quick release. I am looking at 9-10" size, and will put wood jaw liners on. I want your thoughts..brands, etc. Pros and cons too, & any tips you may have. TIA.....bil
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    A long time.....

    that is what 51 years is. Yes, 51 yrs ago today, I was flat on my back, trussed up in traction, in a hospital bed. It was to be the day for us to be married.:) Well, to shorten the story, we married anyway. Schoolmates dad was a JP, so he came to hospital, waved his hand around some, and that...
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    New project

    Shop time is at a low point..just paint, no paper this time. Wifes bedroom, she wants lavender.
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    I will try to post my work..first thing that I have made in does get in the way at times. This is where it stands as of today.
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    test post w/photo

    my latest project..dresser for wife first shop work in 3 yrs
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    New member?

    Just an update...obviously I do not comment often, but look in occasionally. Generally, only woodwork in the winter, and have been spending winters in AZ, and SoCal. Had to return early this year, now have time to make something, Yay. I have a few photos of a project, but have some camera...