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    Thank you Don Baer!

    Well done that, Don. (y) Seeing how this is on old vinyl, I have, what was my mother's, collection. Big band era music,Benny Goodman type stuff. If anyone is interested, let me know. TIA bill
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    My Town - enjoy the video

    Leo..nothing better than a small town, yours looks great. enjoy
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    FRIDAY the 12th

    At the moment, I am building a box. I have pics of several steps, but as of yet, have not taken the time to post. I will soon. Deadline is looming. :eek: Just finished the first glue-up. We shall see in the morn. stay safe and warm
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    Friday 02.05.21

    late as usual..returned home from TX, midweek..getting the house up and running again going to spend more time in shop this year..must build for daughter & grandkids Looking for plans for a jewelry welcomed PS..should have stayed in TX,a little longer!
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    Breaking rules

    glad you are ok i did the same, few years ago..stuck a chisel in the heel of my hand had to go to emergency room to get the bleeding stopped:eek: another reason for a vise
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    Work bench

    I am going to build a bench (laminating 2x material), and want a vise. One of those cast iron jobs, w/quick release. I am looking at 9-10" size, and will put wood jaw liners on. I want your thoughts..brands, etc. Pros and cons too, & any tips you may have. TIA.....bil
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    sit'n in the ER

    glad for you!!!! get out in that AZ sun, and cook it out of you ;)
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    A few stool's

    very nice
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    Friday 18Dec20

    relaxing in Texas
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    Friday 12/4 weekend plans ?

    I cleaned the front yard of leaves, for the last time, this year. Then. went to the neighbors to visit awhile. Tomorrow, I will load the SUV, with many gifts:eek:, and bright and early Sun. morning leave. Where you ask...Dripping Springs, Texas. We will be spending as much of the winter as we...
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    Happy thanksgiving!

    Enjoy your day, folks. Wife and I are off to my sisters. Good food, good company, and good conversation, to all.:)
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    Veterans Day, 2020

    this vet thanks you and all other vets 🇺🇸
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    Friday 30Oct20

    Me..leaves, leaves, and more in the woods. :eek: For Halloween,wife, my sister, and I went to the casino. For R&R, and a good meal..hey it was on my sis. More leaves, as it is blowing like stink here...cold too. I have been trying to hack up some wood, but do not have any real...
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    Living room suite in QSWO

    And step two is..........? Re: the sawdust...that's where it started, good job.
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    Living room suite in QSWO

    where did the sawdust go? ;)
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    Hey..we did the same here. No overnite tho, just drove around locally, for a couple of hours. We had been gone to TX for two weeks, the color sure came on. I hope you enjoy your break as much as I did mine.
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    Friday 9Oct20

    returned from TX, last back to yard work nice to be home, but also nice where i was
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    Smoked Chicken

    What time should I arrive? looks great
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    Ye old shop

    Your shop looks to be well used, and well loved. (y)