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  1. Kerry Burton

    Sense Energy Monitor

    Thanks for the feedback Darren. I activated SSL for the domain those screenshots are hosted on, and we appear to be "back in business"!
  2. Kerry Burton

    Sense Energy Monitor

    That's pretty cool! Our power company has been sending us monthly emails with similar (but much less granular) data about our usage. (I had to follow a link to see all the graphs, etc.) I guess the idea is to "game-i-fy" power consumption, to encourage one to win out over one's neighbors...
  3. Kerry Burton

    Friday 31Jul20

    Can you believe it? I finally got caught up, just now. Whew...
  4. Kerry Burton

    Friday 31Jul20

    I'm 3+ weeks behind! Started a new job at the end of July, the same week my wife decided that we needed to START tent camping (in our late 50s) because she's been getting into Open Water Swimming and is looking for lakes and reservoirs to swim in. I've spent more than 135 nights in a tent since...
  5. Kerry Burton

    Simply Cherry again.

    Something tells me you've done this sort of thing before. :) Great design, and nice clean work! (y)
  6. Kerry Burton

    Happy Birthday Darren Wright!

    Happy Birthday! Is this that one day a year where the missus makes you sit down and relax - or do you just keep going and going and going and ... ? Hope you have a great day!
  7. Kerry Burton

    Kitchen Knives

    Classy! Nice job on the shaping. :thumb: Did the brass(?) pins come with the blades?
  8. Kerry Burton

    Out With Old In With New

    That looks great! I'll take 2 of those, please. :giggle:
  9. Kerry Burton

    Now What Do I Do?

    Whoa - them's SHOPPING words!
  10. Kerry Burton

    Tonight's Sunset

    Pretty cool indeed! :thumb:
  11. Kerry Burton

    Last Night

    Ernest did a good job of playing a mean bully in "From Here to Eternity" but yeah, that role was pretty different from his "norm".
  12. Kerry Burton

    Any Feedback on Bauer (Harbor Freight) Cordless Tools?

    Speaking of "brushless", my Bauer drill/driver is definitely NOT. I was a little surprised at the "new drill smell" when I first fired it up. That has subsided somewhat over time, and the unit works fine; no qualms there. But brushless sure sounds tempting...
  13. Kerry Burton

    Any Feedback on Bauer (Harbor Freight) Cordless Tools?

    I've been pleased with my Bauer 20V drill/driver, but you might want to check the fine print on your 20% coupon ... I believe Bauer is one of the "brands" that is typically excluded.
  14. Kerry Burton

    Cellular LTE Internet

    Woo hoo! Ya gotta love it when you're able to "harness magic" like that. :thumb:
  15. Kerry Burton

    Happy Birthday Rennie Heuer!

    Woo Hoo! Wish I were there to shoot another paper rocket into the river for ya (on accident, of course). Happy Birthday! :b-day_cake:
  16. Kerry Burton

    What are you doinng during CV-19

    Last week I got the first prototype to work fairly well... This week I tightened up the code, swapped out all the hardware except for the 433MHz transmitter, and assembled the circuitry into a tidy package: The system is working great. I would like to come up with a "real" user...
  17. Kerry Burton

    Walnut box

    I can hear the ooh-ing and aah-ing now! Great job. :score:
  18. Kerry Burton

    painted sign for a customer

    Very nice - gives the place an even classier look. :thumb:
  19. Kerry Burton

    Incentive Checks?

    I thought the same thing, but just now happened across an article on that "debunked" the idea. It's not the easiest reading, but the bottom line (the next-to-last sentence) seems to be: "Once you receive that money, however, it is yours to keep."...
  20. Kerry Burton

    How NOT to Surprise Your Boss

    Heh. I was actually at England AFB in 1969 ... as a 7-year-old dependent. That was the year I started 2nd grade in Florida, did about 2 months in Louisiana, and finished up in Las Vegas, NV.