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  1. Dave Hawksford

    Friday 16th

    Monday I pick up new to me 08 AWD chevy van. Old one hasbehome a rust bucket.
  2. Dave Hawksford

    Friday 16th

    Feeling good , sitting out here in Va turkey woods with an old childhood buddy. Weekend of turkey hunting planned.
  3. Dave Hawksford

    Covid-19 Injection

    1st shot no problem, no sore arm or fatigue.
  4. Dave Hawksford

    Happy Birthday Bob Gibson!

    Little late here . Happy birthday. From the Turkey Woods.
  5. Dave Hawksford

    Covid-19 Injection

    I suppose to join the clone army this afternoon with my 1st shot. I'm still not enthusiastic about it like most seem to be. But I at some point I'll be a clone card holder .
  6. Dave Hawksford

    I've been quite.

    I did get out to the woods this morning. I was set up by 515 and called in a nice size Tom @ 715. I still have 2 tags left in Va. I'll give it a go again in the morning. There are plenty of birds out there in the hills.
  7. Dave Hawksford

    I've been quite.

    Last 2 weeks been dealing with covid. SHELLY ALSO. She took me to the ER. DOC tested me said if I wanted to I could stay a couple days but wasn't nessary. So spent the week and half on the couch. Lost 15 pounds. Today is opening day turkey season. I figure no one to bother me on a warm...
  8. Dave Hawksford

    Happy Birthday Toni Ciuraneta!

    Happy Birthday Tony
  9. Dave Hawksford

    Friday 2Apr32

    I'm in the process of looking for a van before the frame totally rust through. Windshield framing is gone. It has 322 k so I'm good with getting ride of it. Working in the shop this weekend.
  10. Dave Hawksford

    New place to Ride

    Jake got a house 2 miles from the beach. Shelly is thrilled about helping them make the move. I'm thrilled about finding new turkey hunting lands.
  11. Dave Hawksford

    Happy Birthday Peter Rideout!

    Happy Birthday Peter
  12. Dave Hawksford

    Travel Trailer

    There is a nice campground in Gettysburg you can rent the space for the year.
  13. Dave Hawksford

    Friday 26Mar21

    Just about done with the upstairs make-over at home, I guess I'll be painting the new drywall this weekend after my morning shop hours.
  14. Dave Hawksford

    New place to Ride

    Jacob my youngest just took a job in NC. As a engineer. His and Sarah will be moving in a couple weeks. He is so thrilled, it's the company he wanted to work for when he graduated a couple years ago. I'm figuring they wanted to let him get a little real time experience. He got a great...
  15. Dave Hawksford

    Spraying Shellac - Anything I should know?

    Ronnie, Fred's got it right. Thin out the garnet more.. spraying piss coats or very fine thin coats or rag thinned coats on.
  16. Dave Hawksford

    Hello hello hello hello

    here now,
  17. Dave Hawksford

    Finishing be like...

    1.Before I start any project I See it as a finished piece and know my steps. 2. "Slow down, your moving to fast, got to make the morning last now" 3. Touch is your favorite friend when wanting a smooth finish. A finished piece is only as good as your prep. My finishers are tought these 3 steps...
  18. Dave Hawksford

    Finishing be like...

    There's nothing ever perfect. Only let's you know your practicing gets you closer.
  19. Dave Hawksford

    Friday 19Mar21

    Shelly and I are visiting friends in SC. Looking into places we may be interested in.
  20. Dave Hawksford


    Doing a piece like this tells me I'll never be perfect at what I do so I can only practice at it. I see my flaws and maybe other do also but are very happy to get there piece back looking the best it can be. Thanks everyone for the confidence replies.