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  1. Dan Noren

    2021 celtic crosses

    at the risk of losing my slacker status (thank you very much bill... lol), i had an idea for another version of the one candle holder, i reintroduced the ring. now to see how it works in the test tomorrow.
  2. Dan Noren

    taking the day off today...

    feeling a little burned out in the shop, so i am taking a mental health day. i might work on some finishing that needs to be done, and making sure my flash drive has everything i need on it (got caught short a few times, as the cnc computer didn't have what i needed on board). i may even take...
  3. Dan Noren

    Ready to Ship...........

    Looking good as always!!
  4. Dan Noren

    design for a wine caddy

    with the parts for the m&m machines finished, time to hit this one again. made a new sled to cut all of the notches, and dadoes. with that done, it was on to the bottoms, sides, and inner sides. when i got home, did a test fit of the whole thing, a few things need to be finessed, but, what the...
  5. Dan Noren

    2021 m&m machines

    yay! the last of the parts have been cut (finally)!!
  6. Dan Noren

    2021 inspiration signs

    sanded them today, and only a couple need a little bit of touchup with a sharpie pen.
  7. Dan Noren

    2021 m&m machines

    well, it took it's dear sweet time, but, it made it's appearance. i had finished the next to the last one, got the pockets done on the last one, reset the number of passes, and the speed for the profile cut. all was going well, until pop wanted to tell me something about the one neighbor lady...
  8. Dan Noren

    all set...

    pop has been hitting the pepsi a bit, and, i am conducting an experiment with the freezer area....
  9. Dan Noren

    2021 cribbage boards

    got them sanded, and ready for the cnc, and laser.
  10. Dan Noren

    2021 ring calendars

    got the blanks sanded, and ready for the cnc.
  11. Dan Noren

    2021 m&m machines

    finished up the one on the machine, and got the next to the last one about an hour away from finishing the pockets, and starting the profile cuts. 5 down, 1 to go...
  12. Dan Noren

    2021 inspiration signs

    got them cleaned up today, and painted. tomorrow, i will trim them down to the engraving, as i don't like the way they turned out. then sanding the excess paint, and give them a coat of blo.
  13. Dan Noren

    2021 small vase holder

    with all of the 12 sides carved, today they got cleaned up, and painted. still have to cut the arch at the bottom before sanding off the excess paint.
  14. Dan Noren

    new home for the laser set up

    got some more work done on this today. swapped out the motors for the ones that i had on the old machine. electrical hook ups are a bit better.
  15. Dan Noren

    2021 celtic crosses

    got the blanks all cut to size, and need to do some finish sanding before they go on the cnc.
  16. Dan Noren

    2021 m&m machines

    got number 3/6 done today, and finished up with the pockets in number 4 finished. tomorrow, cut the profile, and start on 5 and 6.
  17. Dan Noren

    2021 inspiration signs

    since i needed a break from the monotony of making bases, i took a break, and along with the vase holder sides. i carved up the inspirational signs. this way, i will have something to do when i am not in the shop.
  18. Dan Noren

    2021 m&m machines

    second done, and the third set up for tomorrow's run.
  19. Dan Noren

    2021 small vase holder

    got the lines all marked for the arches, dadoes and such. then, when the latest set of bases were finished on the cnc, i did the engraving on the sides of the second type.
  20. Dan Noren

    as if i weren't busy today...

    unbelievable! he spotted this lone dandelion, over at the end of the lilac bushes, from the back porch! it didn't last long...