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  1. glenn bradley

    New Shop Journey

    The insulation is fiberglass. It is un-faced. I have no bathroom or other moisture generating source in the building. The fiberglass has a treatment to the face that keeps things together while handling. I don't know if it is a spray or what but, it has a definite brownish color. Graded...
  2. glenn bradley

    New Shop Journey

    We have insulation.
  3. glenn bradley

    New Shop Journey

    The unintended benefit of it taking nearly a year to get approval . . . you have a LOT of idle time to ponder things ;-)
  4. glenn bradley

    New Shop Journey

    Each door, north, east and south, have outdoor "porch" light switch/GFCI convenience receptacles. There are also two additional low height outlets on the wall facing the house as this will have a patio cover and be a gathering area. This area also has high height covered round boxes to feed...
  5. glenn bradley

    FWW Digital Edition - PSA

    Someone just reminded me of this on and I wanted to pass it along. If you have the old $34.95/year Digital Edition, do not let your credit card info expire. Taunton Press had not been able to process the person's payment due to an expired card. When he contacted them to update the info on the...
  6. glenn bradley

    New Shop Journey

    It's from the Banqakönnt-Draynin (bank account draining) collection. Primed some roof sheathing this morning. During the heat wave I am getting up at first light and priming / painting things like siding, trim, and other materials for the DC shed. Fortunately I can run the HVAC which...
  7. glenn bradley

    Happy Birthday glenn bradley!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, everybody! Love the cake! I've been wanting a tool tote of sorts to corral the tools I use when doing small jobs around the house. Hang a picture, replace a door stop, fix a door latch and so forth. You know, something to keep me from having to run to the...
  8. glenn bradley

    Windies ELEVEN

    Historically I have waited at least a year for a new version to settle in before even looking at it very much ;-) If Microsoft ever eliminates the ability to NOT use the "big phone (read Win 8)" UI, I will kill my last few Wondoze machines :crash:. I just can't seem to get with the desktop...
  9. glenn bradley

    New Shop Journey

    DC shed . . . some assembly required.
  10. glenn bradley

    A sad day at the Ellis homestead.

    Condolences for your Maggie.
  11. glenn bradley

    New Shop Journey

    It is getting so frustrating trying to get materials. To get the siding, roof sheathing, flashing, roofing, and underlay I have had to go to 2 Home Depots, a Lowes and a roofing supply. I am still waiting on some stuff to arrive so I can go and pick it up. I planned to have the DC shed built...
  12. glenn bradley

    Solid investment

    All those times I wouldn't take a wooden nickle. I could be rich . . . Arrrgh!
  13. glenn bradley

    Friday 11Jun2021

    Moving stuff out of the new shop to make room for the insulation and drywall phase.
  14. glenn bradley

    Beveled Grooves in center of Plywood

    I think I may have misunderstood Toni. I thought Greg was asking for this. But now think he is after this. A picture is worth a thousand words in a post like this.
  15. glenn bradley

    BBQ Handle Gets Too Hot

    Obviously I have been missing out by not following the Cook Shack sub-forum ;-)
  16. glenn bradley

    BBQ Handle Gets Too Hot

    Excellent point. This is why I brought the question here. It's like getting "instant experience" 👍
  17. glenn bradley

    BBQ Handle Gets Too Hot

    Thanks Darren. Big diameter, long, oval tube. I take a glove out with me now; it's just a pain (or I'm a whiner). :D I think you are right that anything I put on the handle will just heat up as well. They make these things but it just seems like one more thing to keep track of an clean.
  18. glenn bradley

    BBQ Handle Gets Too Hot

    I am not a master griller by any means but I do appreciate good food. I still talk about the chow Brent brought to Carol's back in 2018 . . . (queue the ascending harp arppegios indicating a flashback into dreamland) . . . mmmmmm. Sorry. . . , I'm back. My Char Broil (C-46DL) handle seems to...
  19. glenn bradley

    a recess needed in a panel

    A bowl bit and a large temporary plate for your router is what I picture. I have done some bowls with bowl-bits ad there is still a lot of sanding to do to make things smooth in appearance. One door would be fine but, I wouldn't want to do a set this way ;-) I would look at maybe a veneered...
  20. glenn bradley

    New Shop Journey

    I appreciate the info. I have a floor product that I picked up at Sam’s Club of all places. I’ve been using it for over 15 years and still have a few new packs that I picked up when it was on sale at a good price.