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  1. Charles Lent

    Friday 11Jun2021

    What walls that I do have in my shop so far are plywood, so I can attach anything, anywhere. The rest will likely be sheetrock, someday. All is insulated, but then I had to move in before it was finished, so it has never been finished. Charley
  2. Charles Lent

    Just an artifact, but creepy!

    WOW !! That is one ugly dude. Kinda creepy too. That lady collects some really unusual stuff. I wouldn't want this in my house. Charley
  3. Charles Lent

    Smoker...Disappointment No More

    Why search for a Pit Boss? Amazon will deliver one. Charley
  4. Charles Lent

    New Shop Journey

    A little late to change it, and not a code problem, but for 240 circuits I prefer 2 pole breakers instead of fuses. Actually, for the outside service disconnect a fused disconnect or breaker isn't required. Just a disconnect that breaks both hot leads. My reason for not liking fuses is that when...
  5. Charles Lent

    Well that was unexpected

    A Sea Can ( mobile truck and sea going container) can be purchased and used for on-the-farm temporary storage and you can get your investment back if you decide that you don't need it any more. Make certain that it has no leaks before buying it, or tar the top with the silver roofing cement. A...
  6. Charles Lent

    Beveled Grooves in center of Plywood

    Yup, The best way is Glenn's suggestion. The quality of the cut will mostly be determined by the quality of your plywood. Baltic Birch would be my choice. Charley
  7. Charles Lent

    New Shoes for the Vac Nozzle

    The attached file says it all. Charley
  8. Charles Lent

    Very close call!

    Na, it fit. Don't let anyone you know that it wasn't planned that way. We won't tell anyone, because we have all done similar in our woodworking life. Charley
  9. Charles Lent

    Palm router, is it worth or really needed?

    I have a 4 base DeWalt laminate trimmer that I was using often as my small router for round overs, etc. But talked myself into getting the DWP611 DeWalt 2 base router kit and now use it for most of my small router chores. The laminate trimmer is nice, but it doesn't have the horizontal holes to...
  10. Charles Lent

    New Boat and Fifth Wheel Rig

    One of the best sources of entertainment for me has been sitting near a boat ramp and watching what goes on. At a busy boat ramp the show is almost without coffee breaks on the weekends. Charley
  11. Charles Lent

    New Boat and Fifth Wheel Rig

    Notice that the safety chains didn't reach, so he isn't using them. That hook-up should last him at least a 1/2 mile before it disintegrates and he should have the chains hooked up for that. That caster wheel is not designed to go over about about 1 mph. Can I watch? Charley
  12. Charles Lent

    LIONEL Control Panel Cabinet

    I have a close friend with more Lionel trains than I had ever seen in one place before meeting him. I have mixed emotions about showing him these photos, because I know that he is going to want me to make both the table and the cabinet for him. The table would likely need to be much larger...
  13. Charles Lent

    Work Trailer

    You still need to add an outside fold down workbench with air and power. Charley
  14. Charles Lent

    A Woodworker And His Unique Segmented Plate Jig

    The attached link is a tribute to a very talented older woodworker and his unique segmented plate making system. It is located on a photography forum, of which I am a member. The forum website is named after the member that created and runs it. The photographer posted this to the photography...
  15. Charles Lent

    New Shop Journey

    Glenn, My comments are the result of being an Automation Engineer (EE) and holding an electrical contractors license for most of my working career. I'm 79 now, so let the license expire, but still know the code quite well. You are doing great with the project and the wiring. I'm just trying to...
  16. Charles Lent

    Not Really Woodworking

    Thanks Dave, That view makes it visible. I can see how it works now. Charley
  17. Charles Lent

    all set...

    I have a little fridge in my woodshop with several flavors of diet and sugar sodas, plus about 6 bottled water. For me, the water is the choice most of the time when I'm there. I sometimes also have some packaged snacks in this fridge. I can't leave them out because mice find them. They can't...
  18. Charles Lent

    Favorite Router Table Lift???

    If starting fresh with no router or lift, I would seriously consider a Triton 3 1/2 hp router, since it's both a router and it's own built-in lift. I'm contemplating building a new router table and I have decided that this is the way that I'm going. My new table is also going to have a large...
  19. Charles Lent

    Not Really Woodworking

    I know that the steam engine is just for demonstration, but I think it should show a steam exhaust port and not only an inlet port. Great modeling project though. Charley
  20. Charles Lent

    New Shop Journey

    Nice organization and wire positioning in your panels. Most non-pro (DIY) electricians make a rats nest out of their panels. Yours look nice and well laid out. If you get an inspection done, you may have problems with the use of the inside boxes for outside connections. All boxes must be...