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  1. Brent Dowell

    Trying to stay busy

    Very cool Allen. Bet it will be one of his favorite toys.
  2. Brent Dowell

    Roadrunner Diner

    So cool. Very interesting birds.
  3. Brent Dowell

    Happy Birthday glenn bradley!

    Happy Birthday Glenn!
  4. Brent Dowell

    Too Doggone HOT outside

    Well, My band has a gig scheduled for friday, in the desert, off grid, running generators. Forecast is low 100's. Booked for a 2 hour set, lol. Ooof.
  5. Brent Dowell

    New Shop Journey

    Not to mention the prices. I've had some irrigation projects where getting the pvc parts has been tricky.
  6. Brent Dowell

    A sad day at the Ellis homestead.

    So sorry Chuck, It's amazing how 15 years can go by in a blink of the eye.
  7. Brent Dowell

    A good day at the gun show.

  8. Brent Dowell

    Laser upgrade to a camera

    I've used mine quite a bit. IT's accuracy does depend quite a lot on the calibration, which can be a little finicky. It also really depends a lot of the z height of the top of the material. The more consistent you can position the top of the material at your focal distance, the more accurate...
  9. Brent Dowell

    More Culprits Spotted: From the Backyard Game Cam

    Love the moose legs, lol. Cool wildlife you got there!
  10. Brent Dowell


    That looks great!
  11. Brent Dowell

    Smoker...Disappointment No More

    I know with the traegers, at higher temperatures they tend to produce less smoke, so a lot of recipes will call for running at a low 'smoke' temp for a while if you're really looking for a lot of smoky goodness before cranking it back up to cook.
  12. Brent Dowell

    BBQ Handle Gets Too Hot

    You are far too kind! Thanks!
  13. Brent Dowell

    Smoker...Disappointment No More

    Exactly the opposite. Made some ribs on sunday. Basically just took them out of the package, put on some rub and put them on the smoker for 6 hours. Never opened the smoker in that time. They came out super tender and juicy. The low (225 temperature) and consistency of the temperature helps...
  14. Brent Dowell

    The Great White

    Holy Moby Dick! That is an awesome workstation! Well don!
  15. Brent Dowell

    My Dust collector sucks

    I do like the idea of improving the chute. I might see about 3d printing up a solution at some point. going to have to work on cleaning up the shop first, lol.
  16. Brent Dowell

    Smoker...Disappointment No More

    Congrats Vaughn! I knew where theres a will there's a way! Dang, Now I'm researching these flat top things. I think I started seeing people post about them about a half year ago. They sure look nice, but not sure I'd use one often enough with only 2 people to make it worth while...
  17. Brent Dowell

    Smoker...Disappointment No More

    Not sure how, but someone I know managed to set an electric masterbuilt on fire and burn up the cord and controller. Maybe you just need to get more creative?
  18. Brent Dowell

    Well that was unexpected

    Making good progress. Still not envying you, lol.
  19. Brent Dowell

    Smoker...Disappointment No More

    Ahhh, I feel your pain. I do have to say since I got a pellet smoker it has really made smoking meat just completely easy. Made ribs last night that were pretty dang good, maybe a little too tender, but so good.