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  1. Matt Hutchinson

    Chairs, Trailer, and 6 Foot Turnings

    Hey all, Things with the business have been crazy lately; business is booming at the moment! So here are a few things that I've completed lately. 1.) Four stools/chairs made to match existing ones. They are made with oak, and have spring loaded (self-centering) swivel mechanisms. These...
  2. Matt Hutchinson

    Shop Improvement Movement - *IT'S OFFICIALLY ON!*

    IT'S ON! So here's the rules. 1.) Let's make a shop improvement project with the goal of being built by June 30. It can be any kind of improvement, i.e. jig, organization, hand tools cabinet, etc.. but it must involve building and/or woodworking at its core. 2.) Complexity level is...
  3. Matt Hutchinson

    Industrial Dust Collector, West Michigan

    Hey all, A few years ago I bought an industrial dust collector in the midst of having issues with a local inspector. Well I never ended up having it installed as I decided to move my shop to a different municipality. To make a long story short, I bought it and decided to not put it into...
  4. Matt Hutchinson

    Old Flooring Table, Copper Banding

    Hi all, I just delivered a table today that was made from the customer's old oak flooring. They have copper elements in their kitchen, so at their request I added a copper edge banding. 'Twas a fun build! -Hutch P.S. The table base was not of my choosing.
  5. Matt Hutchinson

    West Michigan Deal - Drill Press

    Hey all, I just wanted to let y'all know there's a really awesome drill press for sale in the Grand Rapids, MI area. It's a Buffalo, and it has some great features. I own a Buffalo with similar features, and I highly recommend it. Mine is the slightly smaller brother to this one, but it...
  6. Matt Hutchinson

    Exterior Glue Question

    Hey all, As usual, it's been a while. This month is turning out to be a banner month, but I have a concern with one of my jobs. I have to make some western red cedar balcony rails, posts, and scrolled infills. There are a few places that require a glue up. I have not been totally pleased...
  7. Matt Hutchinson

    "NEW" Oliver 16" Jointer - Restoration Project

    Hey all, I have missed y'all, and I am glad to finally make it back onto the forum. So, I HAVE to brag about this one. I just picked up a sweet machine, an Oliver 16" jointer! It's not been stored properly for years, but at the price I paid I can deal with the rust and restoration. I...
  8. Matt Hutchinson

    State B4 Oscillating Spindle Sander Acquisition

    So I recently got carried away at a local auction bringing home a whole bunch of tools. One of the machines that I have been wanting for ages is a State oscillating spindle sander, and I got one! I tried plugging it in, and all I heard was a hum, so I quickly unplugged it. I took it all...
  9. Matt Hutchinson

    Foley Automatic Saw Filer

    Hey all, I have been on the hunt at the local auctions, and I have come up with some good stuff. Today I picked up an item I won, a Foley Automatic Saw Filer with handsaw attachments. Very interesting tool, and for the price I paid I just couldn't let it go. I have been interested in...
  10. Matt Hutchinson

    New Toy

    I just picked up this nice portable job site compressor. :D - Hutch
  11. Matt Hutchinson

    Uncommon/rare Combination Saw Found

    Flashback: A year ago I was at a garage/tool sale in the country around my in-laws' house. I bought about a dozen hand saws for $15. I was very happy with this, as there were some old Disstons, Atkins, and Peace that were worth refurbishing into "user" condition. Of course, I knew I...
  12. Matt Hutchinson

    Recent Work.....It's been a while!

    Hey all, I haven't been on here in sooooooooo long, but I have been wanting to post a few things I have done over the last year. So here they are. :D - Hutch
  13. Matt Hutchinson

    *Ding Ding* -- The Trolley's Rollin'

    Here's the latest thing to literally roll out of the shop. John Ball Zoo (the zoo in Grand Rapids, MI) is refurbishing their trolley, and I was hired to do the exterior woodwork. It was fun, but it was a lot more work than I bid. :doh: Even so, it's looking good, and I learned a few...
  14. Matt Hutchinson

    Recent Work

    After having a rough 2013, I am happy to say business keeps moving forward. Here are some things that are recent and/or stuff I haven't shared yet. The calls keep coming, the quotes keep going out, and let's hope they keep getting accepted! Also, for whatever reason, I have been getting a...
  15. Matt Hutchinson

    Some recent turnings - Spindle work

    After moving shop business has been doing okay, and woodturning jobs still trickle in from time to time. Here are some photos of a few of these jobs. The octagonal table was a family heirloom I rebuilt last year. The top was made from wood from the customer's grandfather's land in Germany...
  16. Matt Hutchinson

    Large Kitchen Cabinetry Job

    I finally got this job done 3 weeks ago. After getting a late start, then losing an employee, having problems with the city, having the finisher screw things up, and moving my shop I finally got this one completed. *collapse* That said, I am really happy with how this job came out, and it's...
  17. Matt Hutchinson

    Walnut Hutch

    The photo isn't that great, but here's a piece that I delivered a couple weeks ago. Michigan walnut, Michigan made. :D - Hutch
  18. Matt Hutchinson

    Some recent jobs....

    Well, it's been a while since I last posted any turnings. I figure it's once again time to champion the cause of the spindle turner/production turner. :D I did a few furniture feet last month, and today I delivered the spheroid newel caps/finials. The poplar tube is for a scale model of...
  19. Matt Hutchinson

    Massive Oak Mutation

    I couldn't resist posting this. I was on a walk through a local park this last Sunday, and we ran across this "little" surprise. Man oh man, the woodturner in me just about flipped his lid. This growth was at the base of an oak tree. -Hutch
  20. Matt Hutchinson

    Word of warning - Dust Collection Requirements for Businesses

    This probably doesn't apply to a lot of folks, but I thought I would share some things that have been happening to me lately. Recently I went from home shop to "the real deal" woodworking business. I leased a space, advertised, etc... One thing I didn't realize was the potential expense of...