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  1. Don Baer

    possible future home.

    well Chuck, assuming the deal goes through, you and anyone from FWW will always be welcome for a visit.
  2. Don Baer

    possible future home.

    The rest of the state of Arizona doesn't have the water that this area has, I have been told that around Flagstaff and west they would have to go down 2 miles to get water which is why they either pipe it in or some remote areas they have water delivered. The first area I looked at was Cochise...
  3. Don Baer

    possible future home.

    the reason I looked in this area for property was the fact that it's got good water, it sits on an large aquafer. The red circle is where the property is.
  4. Don Baer

    Starlink Internet

    I signed up for Starlink today, they say they are at capacity in my area but it would be available in 2022. I figured I would just go ahead and get it on order so I would have it for the place up North.
  5. Don Baer

    possible future home.

    best water in az. 180 feet dep, rated @ 350 gpm
  6. Don Baer

    possible future home.

    They're not allowed off the reservation so they can't cross the fence line onto the property.
  7. Don Baer

    Small Smoker - now we know the price

    and now we know the price.... Amazons go em for $239...
  8. Don Baer

    possible future home.

    I went to the bank today to start paper work to pull some equity from this place to buy the Hogan Property. The realtor knows I want the property. The owner pulled to property from the MLS for a month or so while he gets the road surveyed and the easement legalized. So hopefully by the time he...
  9. Don Baer

    Small Smoker - now we know the price

    Now this is something I might be interested in. I am on their E mail list so when I find out the cost I'll let yall kow.
  10. Don Baer

    Hi-tech crop dusters

    The world of Hi tech is reaching out to the farmers. This is cool stuff. P.S. I have no affiliation with this company but I thought it was facinating technology.
  11. Don Baer

    My son Jarrod did good this weekend in Pa.

    88's a great score. I would be happy with a 75, good shoot'n there Tx. and 100 clays is a lot for me I usually do 25 for practice and call it a day.
  12. Don Baer

    Starship getting ready for launch

    The tallest rocket in History coming together.
  13. Don Baer

    But Mom it followed me home.

    I pro.ise tomake good use of them.
  14. Don Baer

    But Mom it followed me home.

    Went to the gun show to get primers today and saw this and had to have it. Rugar American 5.56 with P-223 precision scope bi-pod and flash suppressor and butt plate pad.. The scope is a P-223 Spot Optomised Nikon 4-16x40. They say that once dialed in has adjustment from 100 yards to 600 yards...
  15. Don Baer

    Liturgical Furniture

    very nice Matt. I know it was a labor of love.
  16. Don Baer

    FRIDAY - what's up?

    today the last day my sister and Brother in law are in town. Going to the range this morning and then taking them to the Gold mine and Superstition Museum after lunch. They leave in the morning to go home to Missouri. The Gun show is in town this week end so I'll go to it tomorrow right after...
  17. Don Baer

    Dimensions confermation and wood cut...

    Rich to expand on what has already been said wood may not be the best material for what you are trying to do. AS was stated Wood moves depending on humidity, temp and age of the wood. If you were to make the piece in Sept to the "EXACT dimensions" the wood will NOT necessarily be the same...
  18. Don Baer

    Heating and AC question.

    you can split the mini split if you want to here one for 2 spaces... it might be...
  19. Don Baer

    Heating and AC question.

    leave the door open... :hide: