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  1. Gayl Beals

    Farm Table with Castle Corners.

    I am using Ash wood. I am thinking about the top. I am looking at version No 2 ? Thanks Gayl
  2. Gayl Beals

    Carry Drink Holder

    Wife wanted one, so I made it from scrap wood.
  3. Gayl Beals

    Making some Wing Bone Calls

    Looking around on U-Tube, an Indian (Two Feather )shows how to make them. So I am making a few.
  4. Gayl Beals

    Turkey Yelper

    I made a few calls, just got them from you tub.
  5. Gayl Beals

    Triple Celtic Knot pepper mill.

    Just finished mill up.
  6. Gayl Beals

    Double Celtic Knot Pepper Grinder

    That jig works well, single or double.
  7. Gayl Beals

    Celtic knot 🪢 Pepper Grinder

    Just finished this single knot 🪢 up,and I am working on a double knot also.
  8. Gayl Beals

    Celtic Knot Pen

    It the first pen in a long time.
  9. Gayl Beals

    Santa delivered cooper tops for Turkey 🦃 Calls.

    I got busy and made a couple.
  10. Gayl Beals

    Double Celtic Knot 🪢 Rolling pin.

    I revamp the jig and added two spacer so can double cut if I need to, and it works quite well .
  11. Gayl Beals

    Celtic Knot French Rolling pin

    I made a new jig and Celtic Knot came well.
  12. Gayl Beals

    French Rolling pin

    First one l made,my wife likes it so I will make another one.
  13. Gayl Beals

    Fire Bellows

    Starting Christmas gifts .
  14. Gayl Beals

    Pizza Peels

    A little something to make, out scrap wood.
  15. Gayl Beals

    Cutting Boards

    A couple of cutting Boards.
  16. Gayl Beals

    Shaker Oval Boxes

    I just started to make a few of these.
  17. Gayl Beals

    Jet Lathe

    I got a used JML-1014-VSI. Everything seems to be working.Pulleys turn over easily, but the problem is 8amp reset pops immediately when I turn it on.With out tearing it apart I thought I would run it past. Thanks to all.