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  1. Dave Sweeney

    Reliable Electric Meat Slicer

    I'm in the market for a reliable electric frozen meat slicer and I'm looking for some suggestions on which ones might be worth considering. I primarily want this for slicing meat for making jerky. Presently I own a manual slicer that works but is showing its age and frankly isn't as user...
  2. Dave Sweeney

    Router Table Depot

    Looking for some feedback from anyone who has purchased a router table from Router Table Depot. Great, average, bad??? I'm particularly interested in their RM405.
  3. Dave Sweeney

    What Finish Do You Use For Bocote?

    Mr wife likes to make scroll saw boxes. We just picked up a very nice piece of Bocote that she intends to turn into a few of these boxes. Neither one of us has ever worked with this wood before so we are looking for some ideas on what type of finish to use. Any suggestions will be appreciated. TIA.