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  1. Dave Sweeney

    Audrey last Saturday. (GRAPHIC WARNING TO NON-HUNTERS)

    Congratulations on your successful hunt Audrey.
  2. Dave Sweeney

    April Wilkerson

    Good for her, she is living the American dream! She must be very intelligent and a very hard worker to have come as far as she has in such a short period of time.
  3. Dave Sweeney

    BBQ Handle Gets Too Hot

    The handle on my Weber gas grill, like Vaughn's, gets warm but never hot enough that I have an issue with it. My Weber charcoal grill on the other hand get hot enough to burn your skin off. For the charcoal grill I just wear a glove similar to these...
  4. Dave Sweeney

    My Wife is in the Hospital your thought and prayers would be appreciated.

    Prayers and hopes for a speedy recovery are heading her way.
  5. Dave Sweeney

    Reliable Electric Meat Slicer

    I'm in the market for a reliable electric frozen meat slicer and I'm looking for some suggestions on which ones might be worth considering. I primarily want this for slicing meat for making jerky. Presently I own a manual slicer that works but is showing its age and frankly isn't as user...
  6. Dave Sweeney

    National Ice Cream Day!!!

    Why both of course.
  7. Dave Sweeney

    National Ice Cream Day!!!

    Every day is ice cream day.
  8. Dave Sweeney

    The $40 disc sander...

    Menards will gladly ship one to you,
  9. Dave Sweeney

    Craftsman 113 Tablesaw refurb

    Looking forward to photos of the finished product.
  10. Dave Sweeney

    An ethics question

    Unless you are planning to sell more of these designs at the retail level I can't see any ethical concerns here. Copying a design off of a picture pretty much guarantees that some parts of the end result are going to be different than what is in the picture.
  11. Dave Sweeney

    BS Guide Bearings

    I upgraded the guide system on my 10-325 when they first came out. The difference in the ease of adjusting the bearings is night and day. The new system is tool less and well worth the cost IMO. Like you, I hated the difficulty in readjusting the bearings whenever I changed blades. With the...
  12. Dave Sweeney

    In market for a table saw suggestions please

    I'm very happy with my 3HP Baileigh cabinet saw but you also might want to consider the Delta Unisaw or SawStop.
  13. Dave Sweeney

    needing some sandpaper

    Industrial Abrasives is where I buy all of my paper,
  14. Dave Sweeney

    Favorite Youtube List

    Totally agree, the more the merrier. We all have much to learn and new viewpoints and ideas can only be a good thing.
  15. Dave Sweeney

    How to mark posts as read?

    Another way is when you're wanting to leave the forum, click the down arrow in the "Forums" box in the upper left hand corner. You'll get a drop down menu and at the bottom of it click on "Mark Forums Read".
  16. Dave Sweeney

    Router Table Depot

    Looking for some feedback from anyone who has purchased a router table from Router Table Depot. Great, average, bad??? I'm particularly interested in their RM405.
  17. Dave Sweeney

    What Finish Do You Use For Bocote?

    Mr wife likes to make scroll saw boxes. We just picked up a very nice piece of Bocote that she intends to turn into a few of these boxes. Neither one of us has ever worked with this wood before so we are looking for some ideas on what type of finish to use. Any suggestions will be appreciated. TIA.