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  1. Charles Lent


    For those of you who enjoyed Marta Z and her electric violin, here are her songs for today Enjoy. Charley
  2. Charles Lent

    A table saw infeed table

    These can be quite handy when the need to cut long stock or cross cutting of pieces using the miter gauge that are wider than the space between your saw blade and the front edge of your saw requires that the miter gauge head needs to overhang the front of your saw. Yes, you can flip the miter...
  3. Charles Lent

    A Woodworker And His Unique Segmented Plate Jig

    The attached link is a tribute to a very talented older woodworker and his unique segmented plate making system. It is located on a photography forum, of which I am a member. The forum website is named after the member that created and runs it. The photographer posted this to the photography...
  4. Charles Lent

    Something has changed. Is it my computer or the website?

    All of a sudden every page on the forum that I open is huge. Like so big that I can't see much of it at a time, and what I am typing now has 1/2" high characters on the screen of my laptop. If I move it to my 50" monitor, it is like looking at a billboard on a highway. I'm not this old to need...
  5. Charles Lent

    How to move a shed - Amish style.

    This was posted in but I thought most of you would appreciate watching it too. Charley
  6. Charles Lent

    I made myself some Apple Boxes

    I decided last week that my photo/video studio needed some Apple Boxes, so I made two sets of them, partly because I wasn't impressed with the ready made ones that are for sale, and partly because I needed something to keep me busy during this lock-up. I have a shop with cabinet making...
  7. Charles Lent

    A Different Kind Of Drill Press Table

    A few years ago I made this drill press table for one of my bench sized drill presses and have dedicated it to doing small part drilling where many parts need the same hole drilled in the same location. I recently realized that I hadn't posted it, so here it is. The table is just a piece of 3/4...
  8. Charles Lent

    For you Organ Builders

    Not sure where this post belongs, so please move it if this isn't the right forum. I found this photo on a Photography Forum and thought you organ builders might like to see it, but maybe it's one of you...
  9. Charles Lent

    Horse Barn

    Some years ago I built this toy horse barn for my grand daughter. The agreement was that I would build it if she and her mom would paint it. It was mostly built from Baltic Birch plywood with poplar being used for most of the trim. The roofs were grooved via shallow cuts on my table saw to...
  10. Charles Lent

    A Few Tote Bins For My Smaller Size Shop Production Projects

    I made 12 of these from 10mm Baltic Birch to use in my shop . A cabinet shop near me has a huge pile of 1' X 5' drops from some large project they are making, so are selling these for $0.50/ft or $2.50 each. I picked up 30 and will likely be going back soon for more, since I've used a bunch of...
  11. Charles Lent

    Rural Mailbox 3 1/4" High

    Not really carving, but I couldn't find a better place to put this. Mods, please move or delete this post as you choose. This is a compound scroll saw cutting of a pattern by Dianne Thompson, but I made a few small modifications before cutting it. This is one of the new items that I'm...
  12. Charles Lent

    A Different Kind of Drill Press Table

    I saw the idea for this drill press table on a YouTube website. The site owner is a German fellow who has quite a few "outside the box" ways of doing things and he is quite talented. His name is Stephan Pohnlien" (hope I spelled his name correctly). Thanks for the idea Stephan. I made this...
  13. Charles Lent

    I Made A Few More Tool Boxes Last Week

    Last week I made these boxes to keep my scroll saw blades and small hand tools that I use when working on the scroll saw all together and better organized They are similar to other "dedicated use" custom tool boxes that I've made over the years to keep special tools and their accessory parts...
  14. Charles Lent

    I Made These For Christmas Gifts

    I made these to give as Christmas Gifts. I was able completely finish them in two afternoons. Yes, I did use magnification for cutting them out and assembling them. I'll be starting a second batch of them this week after my eyes have recovered, They were cut out on my scroll saw, but I debated...
  15. Charles Lent

    I almost joined the Hereafter

    Last Sunday night 4/17 I began realizing that I was having some chest pains at about bed time. All I had been doing for several hours before was watching TV. I took a nitro pill and then 15 minutes later I took another. Then I had my wife take me to the hospital (about 3 miles away). The pain...