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  1. Bart Leetch

    What is this ?

    A 4 string bow played instrument
  2. Bart Leetch

    New Shoes for the Vac Nozzle

    That's a neat idea.I used to hot glue little oak wedges to the bottom of mine to keep it from sucking tight to the floor.
  3. Bart Leetch

    Setting up shop again.

    I forgot no loud jets on the south end of the island.
  4. Bart Leetch

    Setting up shop again.

    Yes, we are sheltered by woods both evergreen & maples,
  5. Bart Leetch

    my lathe

    G0462 ????
  6. Bart Leetch

    Setting up shop again.

    I haven't been around in a while. It looks like I may be setting up shop again, in a portion of a 50'x50' building. We still live in our 5th wheel in a real nice spot in the woods on 20 acres. I hesitate to call this family landlords I think they would be offended. We were introduced to...
  7. Bart Leetch

    I need a hair cut

    I can’t believe I can walk into a store to buy weed, but I have to meet my hairdresser in a dark alley with unmarked bills to get a haircut!
  8. Bart Leetch

    I need a hair cut

    No the real reason for thinning hair on top is someone scaring me half to death in the Bellngham Grizzly store a few years ago.
  9. Bart Leetch

    I need a hair cut

    Ya Flowbee only been to the barbershop once since 1992 We have the one pictured with the box in the background. My bride cuts her own hair & mine.
  10. Bart Leetch

    How NOT to Surprise Your Boss

    First you'd need to bring the bird aboard using the fan tail & round down cable retention system & that round down can be almighty unforgiving. Once saw a F4 round down strike, never wanted to see another. Ripped off the right landing gear the right wing fold & tail hook. brought him around...
  11. Bart Leetch

    How NOT to Surprise Your Boss

    I used to work on the Gru6 Martin Baker ejection seat system I think most systems work the same meaning either single self ejection or command ejection where the pilot can select to eject for all seats to eject in a preselected rotation in the Ea6b if I remember rite the order would be the seat...
  12. Bart Leetch

    Virus info

  13. Bart Leetch

    Out to hunt forgot TP.

    Two buddy's of mine went hunting forgot TP. So they were moving along quietly down the trail & he whispers I need to use the brush, comes back out whispers ruff real ruff had to use 2 $1 dollar bills. A little later second buddy used the brush came back & said you right it was ruff I used 2...
  14. Bart Leetch

    I'd show you but it ain't pretty.

    I woke up with a zig-zag back. It zigs out at the love handle on the right & zags back in just below the love handle just the opposite on the left side. Real hard to pick up right foot off floor. I do a few stretches before I get out of bed which limit the duration of the pain. Went to the VA...
  15. Bart Leetch

    Squirrels ???

    We now live way out in the country & have grey squirrels & dark brown with tan bellied squirrels . I have 1 setting under the hood of my S10 shuckin & eating. I know they can be destructive. My question how do I stop this? A few shots of where we live in Clinton, Wa. Woods all around.
  16. Bart Leetch

    OOOOOOld skid steer

    My Dad's 56 year old Bobcat 1963 whch I've affectionately renamed Robert Kitty started for another spring. I did replace the cables that were on it I think it came that way & Dad never changed them al-tho he did overhaul it mone than once from 1972 until 20013. It had the top pole clamp style...
  17. Bart Leetch

    Name that truss

    I know there is a scissors which makes a sloped ceiling. I think I've seen a truss that raises the ceiling a bit higher but keeps it flat if so what is it's name? TIA.
  18. Bart Leetch

    I don't know if I ever posted this so.....

    Be careful of the slick spots & gravel on the road. I passed my Safety course on North Island Navel base 30 years ago...taught by a retires Chips officer who also was the California motorcycle accident investigation officer & was currently under contract nationwide to investigate motorcycle...
  19. Bart Leetch

    Something happened 36 years ago tomarrow .

    My Bride showed up. Just remember this for a happy marriage do you want to be right all the time or happy.