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  1. Don Baer

    Nice try scammer but It didn't work

    So my phone rings and it is a recording supposedly from Amazon reporting suspicious activity on my account of $1456 and wanting to know if it was me, then I was told to press 11 to repeat it or 2 to report it. as soon as I pressed 2 Habib comes on the phone to ask me why I was calling and I...
  2. Don Baer

    Harbor Freight Saw mill

    I saw this the other day and thought it was interesting, not that I'm in the market but someone might be...
  3. Don Baer

    Stake bed trailer,

    I was inspired by Ted utility trailer build so I decided I needed to do something with my Side by side trailer. It's great for what it was built for but I don't feel comfortable moving furniture and other items so I decided to make it so I could add sides and use it as a Stake bed. I ordered the...
  4. Don Baer

    New Sliding CMS

    Well I started to build the sides to convert my side by side trailer to a utility trailer by making removeable sides. I picked up the lumber yesterday and the other hardware was delivered this morning (gotta love Amazon Prime). Anyhow I took out my trusty ole (40 years old) skill saw and...
  5. Don Baer

    It's a Henry

    I have always admired the Henry lever action rifle. Several months ago I told my local purveyor of fire arms that if he ever got a Henry rifle in a 44 magnum to give me a call. So when I got up this morning I had no intention of buying another firearm BUT, the call came in. Now I am the proud...
  6. Don Baer

    Track saws....

    with a move on the horizon and the possible need for tools to do the project I see ahead I am putting together a list of tool I believe I will need to purchase to "get the jobs done" Keep in mind I have zero stationary tools and I don't anticipate getting very many since I won't be doing...
  7. Don Baer

    Small Smoker - now we know the price

    Now this is something I might be interested in. I am on their E mail list so when I find out the cost I'll let yall kow.
  8. Don Baer

    Hi-tech crop dusters

    The world of Hi tech is reaching out to the farmers. This is cool stuff. P.S. I have no affiliation with this company but I thought it was facinating technology.
  9. Don Baer

    Starship getting ready for launch

    The tallest rocket in History coming together.
  10. Don Baer

    But Mom it followed me home.

    Went to the gun show to get primers today and saw this and had to have it. Rugar American 5.56 with P-223 precision scope bi-pod and flash suppressor and butt plate pad.. The scope is a P-223 Spot Optomised Nikon 4-16x40. They say that once dialed in has adjustment from 100 yards to 600 yards...
  11. Don Baer

    Heating and AC question.

    I am very familiar with using heat pumps for HVAC, my present house has 2 of them a 5 ton and a 2.5 tone. My question is does any one have any experience with mini ones like these...
  12. Don Baer

    Some Rock'n Chairs

  13. Don Baer

    possible future home.

    I am looking at relocating and have been checking out properties in the north Eastern part of Arizona. This is one possible place. I'll be driving up next week to see it in person. It even has a shop.
  14. Don Baer

    this is kinda cool but I don't know if it worth the $$$$

    I'll wait for the Harbor fright version to come out...
  15. Don Baer

    DON"T USE non secure web WIFI --- LONG STORY

    earlier this month while visiting my son in Kaliforia I was notified of a transaction on my debit card that I didn't make someone using my debit card took $1000 from my checking account. I called the bank fraud department and they froze my debit card (luckily I had plenty of cash) and ordered me...
  16. Don Baer

    non powered automatic gate

    Definitely cool. This is something I might be able to use in the future.
  17. Don Baer

    Gonna need a bigger chain saw

    this past week while visiting my son and grandson in Kalifornia I took the to see the big trees in sequoia National park. This is the General Sherman tree It is 113 feet around at the base, 275 feet tall. It lower branches are over 7 feet in diameter and the forest service figures it would...
  18. Don Baer

    what are the chances of this happening

    Now what are the odds of this happening.