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    A question on liability

    You can be sued for just about anything........... You can separate some liability from your personal property with an LLC. Which was what I did for my woodworking business. Unfortunately you have to hire a lawyer to have a...
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    Looking for large capacity band sawmill operator/service

    I have access to a chainsaw mill. Sawed heavy logs in the woods and fields with it to reduce weight so I could pick it up with a backhoe. Otherwise the backhoe tires were coming off the ground. With a high value log I don't like the kerf waste. I have worked as a logging sawyer in my...
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    Looking for large capacity band sawmill operator/service

    Let me know Larry if the guy states he can saw it. The 2 trees that are dying are North of Lowell. A buyer stopped by and offered $2000 for the straight tree and said he would remove the trash tree (60" crotch tree) and pay maybe $1000. He stated that there was a beetle killing the trees...
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    Looking for large capacity band sawmill operator/service

    Thanks John, I forgot about that listing. I wish I was close to this guy; Perfect mill for the job. I have thought about welding up one of these. I had a friend close by that had an LT 40 hydrolic. He up and moved to North...
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    Looking for large capacity band sawmill operator/service

    Hey, I'm looking for someone in mid-Michigan who has a band mill that can saw a 60 inch+ crotch walnut. I have 2 standing trees 36" x about 12 ft. main trunk and a 60 inchish by about the same tall walnuts that are dying from gypsy moth damage. I also have a walnut at my house about 48"...
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    need a paint template made.

    Hi, I am building some bee hives and would like to paint an emblem on the face of each hive section. The emblem is the official logo of a religeous order that will be keeping bees. It is a bit busy as far as emblems go and has some Latin inscription. So my questions are; Is it hard to modify a...
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    This is a woodworking thread.......really

    So how was Memorial Day for the rest of the family? I had a very interesting day myself. Started off the day wrapping up a tiled back splash for the kitchen. Mostly some caulking and a few grout mistakes fixed, while my son worked at putting a laminate floor in. So the house was a mess but we...
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    Sometimes I hate old school industry

    What I mean is I hate entrenched niche industry that have a corner on a market due to either legislated action or by a perceived expertise. I am trying to innovate a new way of doing business. What I have found is that there are laws that more or less force me to purchase items from "approved...
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    Day started off crumy but..

    Got a phone call this morning from my employee in Detroit, Mi. He was panicked because he woke up to find my work van paint tagged by some stupid kids. Had my share of issues with him, but it wasn't his fault. I think he thought I might fire him. I have told him to move to a better...
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    Sharpening stones questions

    I need to upgrade to some better sharpening stones for things like plane blades and chisels. I have used diamond stones before and was planning on getting some larger sizes. Something in the neighborhood of 8 inch long. I might consider natural or man-made stones. What opinions might there be...
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    Warmer weather comes with a pest

    Have been enjoying the unusual warming trend in Michigan. However, also have been major irritated by boxelder bugs. These little pests like to winter over in nooks and crannies, usually around the chicken coop. Apparently they taste bad because the chickens won't eat them. I did spray the...
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    Miter set Looks very interesting

    Hey, don't know if this has been been brought up but thought to pass on a couple of links. I know for myself cutting accurate miter's can be frustrating. A process of cutting and testing, filling gaps, trying to blend in glue line etc. and hoping you don't run out of length...
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    Re; spalted wood use

    Saw John Daugherty's post on the spalted wood box and thought you all might enjoy this video. Maybe should send them an invitation to join the family?
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    Kitchen temporary re-do

    I have been putting off a total kitchen remodel until the kids were older. Now things have changed and because we might not live in the house much longer we are thinking about just fixing up the doors and drawers and painting everything to make it presentable. So I have a few problems: the...
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    Poorter Cable 4212 Dovetail jig

    Hi all, I bought this jig a while back and used it a few times for half blind dovetails. This was for a bunch of utility drawers for a shop cabinet. So yesterday my son wanted to build some kitchen drawers, it's complicated, but we are building a few temporary drawers to replace broken drawers...
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    Vanity pre-build issues.

    15 years ago I remodeled our main bathroom. I must plead ignorance and budget for how it turned out. Looked great for the first 5 years and then the stapled drawers started to fall apart. (Repairing multiple times and struggling with putting a bow tie on a pig kind of feeling) It's been falling...
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    Need new kind of heat.

    I lost my hot water heat generating stove a year and some ago. Previously I could keep my wood shop @ 50 degrees in the dead of winter with one radiator. My 18 X 32 shop (10ft. ceiling) is very well insulated. I don't have time to cut wood. I also have natural gas dead head piped out to the...
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    enrty door??

    Ok So I've been away for a while. Hopefully will have the shop back in heat this winter. So I've been looking into entry doors and got a bit of sticker shock looking for a good door. Thinking i just might have to make one. I have lots of wood but little time these days so I just might have to...
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    new to sketchup

    I'm trying not to hate this program. I'm so used to AutoCAD and find it easy to use. Unfortunately my new computer will not run that. First time using Sketchup and it crashed. Half the time the snap grips don't show. Been thinking it would be simpler to get a pencil and a few sheets of paper.
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    Roped in again, dang it!

    I have some good friends who own a catering company. I helped build some things for their commercial kitchen. Our daughters are best friends. They give us leftover event food because they hate to waste it and are sick of eating it. We often give it away to needy families because we are rather...