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  1. Doug Shepard

    FS: Nobex Champion Miter Saw - SE MI PU Only - **SOLD**

    Selling a Nobex Champion (Cordless:D) Miter Saw Original 18 TPI has seen use but still has some life in it. Also have an unopened 24 TPI blade SE MI pickup only $60 - batteries not included
  2. Doug Shepard

    Apple chunks avail for PU in SE MI if anyone's interested

    A smallish apple tree got cut down in my yard todaY. I've laid claim to a few flatsawn slabs and 2 round logs for cutting later into quartersawn wood. I dont think the rest is all that usable for flat wood but if there are any local turners that would like some of the other pieces, I could set...
  3. Doug Shepard

    Router Boss

    Same problem here, but you can make a mounting box instead. This is a Rat box that hooks onto my bench. Got the mojority of the box design from Dave. The Boss would probably attach onto this box in the same way.
  4. Doug Shepard

    OT New Tool Gloat

    Thought I'd post some eye candy pics for the guitarists here of a fleabay purchase that showed up today. This is an Epiphone Sheraton II in mint condition in Alpine White that's no longer available. I've been wanting one of these since playing and ogling one in a music store back in the 80's...
  5. Doug Shepard

    FS: Powermatic mobile base for PM66 with 30" fence - SE MI **SOLD **

    Inside dimensions are 23-5/8" (side with the swivel wheel) x 21-11/16" Could be used with something other that a PM66. Dont know what the weight rating is but would guesstimate the saw around 600-700 Lb This might be Powermatic model #2042372 but I'm not sure. I like this base better than the...
  6. Doug Shepard

    Attack of the Creeping Meatball

    Proper attire for such an undertaking is of paramount importance:D
  7. Doug Shepard

    Big kid Crackerjack

    I just cut the top off some boxes and there was a prize in every box:D I started these straight edge cases before the holidays and pulled some boards from the No-Kill Wood Shelter. The long one is a piece of macacauba and the short one leftover purpleheart from my bench build. After...
  8. Doug Shepard

    FWW on IE7

    I've never particularly cared for the way pics are displayed in a new window on this site but prefer the way SMC's vBulletin implementation does it in the same window. Now I've got a new laptop which has IE7 on it and I'm finding this even more annoying. When a new tab gets created it goes on...
  9. Doug Shepard

    So close and yet so far...(Moak)

    Not mine, but apparently right around the corner. Too bad it wont fit in my space, budget, or fuse box. Sure is purty though.
  10. Doug Shepard

    Sketchup Baltic Birch Ply Material?

    I tried searching the 3d warehouse stuff but cant find anything. Is there a realistic looking plywood material available? I realize I'd probably have to paint the edges with one material and the faces with another but the available choices that come with SU dont really look like plywood to me...
  11. Doug Shepard

    How do you create polls??

    Is there a How-To thread for creating polls that I haven't found yet? I've found a number of test poll threads but none have a description of how they were created. I see the check box when creating a thread for specifying the number of poll options but where and how do you actually create the...
  12. Doug Shepard

    FS: Incra Jig/Fence Package - SE MI

    Selling off Incra Router paraphenalia that I've had for roughly 15 years. I got a Woodrat a while back and dont have the room (or need) for both. I have the original boxes stashed in the attic and can ship for actual UPS costs but would rather sell local so I dont have to spend time...
  13. Doug Shepard

    FS: Makita BO4552K 1/4 Sheet Sander - **SOLD **

    Got this not too long before I ended up taking the Festool plunge and cant recall if I ever ended up using it. If so, it was only on one project. In the interest of freeing up a little storage space I decided to sell it. Would like to get $45 which includes US shipping. Here's the Makita info...
  14. Doug Shepard

    Woodworks Show Novi, MI Nov 21-23 - Who's going?

    The woodworking shows have been getting increasingly lame hereabouts and I haven't been to one in probably 5-6 years. I was looking at this years offering as far as the schedule and while I still cant find a list of vendors, the presenters list has taken a turn for the better compared to what...
  15. Doug Shepard

    My Small Parts Trap fix for DC

    I've been doing some fret saw and filing work on abalone (pretty nasty stuff) at the drill press table so I can take advantage of the DC there. So after about 15 minutes of work on one of the pieces I bobbled it and watched it go sailing merrily up the DC intake:eek: Grrrr. So this morning I hit...
  16. Doug Shepard

    La Casa de Doggie Grand Opening Coming Soon

    Al She's a 70 Lb Australian Shepherd/Chow mix (who should be more like 55 Lbs) Now that you mentionit, the purple parts on my Dyson vac are about the same color.:D
  17. Doug Shepard

    La Casa de Doggie Grand Opening Coming Soon

    The roofers will be here next weekend but other than that Casa de Doggie is done. The inside dimensions are 24W x 39L x 30H. The general geometry and recommended sizing were taken from this site: Walls, floor, and roof have 3/4" MDO on the...
  18. Doug Shepard

    Preparing for Ipe furniture build

    I wish you luck on your project. Two of these evil Ipenistas totally toasted a couple of HH Woodslicer blades, a couple pattern router bits, and my sanity. It looks good in the end but thats murderous stuff to work.
  19. Doug Shepard

    Anybody need a GM Employee Discount?

    All GM Employees have been given the opportunity to provide one employee discount to anyone thinking of buying a Chevy, Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Saturn, Hummer, Saab, or Cadillac. This is from today thru July 31. Nobody I personally know is car-buying right now, so thought I'd throw this open to FWW...
  20. Doug Shepard

    Anybody know what a Fray #66 Ratcheting Bit Brace is worth??

    My dad is getting rid of some old tools and fished this out from somewhere. There's just enough writing left that I'm pretty sure this is a #66 Fray shown here His is in need of a cleaning/degreasing but all the moving parts work smoothly and the bits...