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  1. Rex Bloem

    Hello again

    I finally have gotten time to again be here and enjoy the forum. A little over 2 years ago and changed positions within the company that I work for and it seems that things went down hill from there as far as time is concerned. I moved from service to parts and then to the parts manager at the...
  2. Rex Bloem

    Proper adhesive

    I know that I haven't posted much lately. I have been very busy with work and just not in the woodworking mood. I did purchase a 50" rail set for my table saw. I am going to put a router table in the right hand end of it. I got some solid surface material at an auction and I am thinking of using...
  3. Rex Bloem

    estate sale

    Saturday I am going to the estate sale of a cabinet maker. There are a couple of things that interest me. There is a Mini Max S45 bandsaw, an Atlas floor drill press and a Rockwell 32" radial drill press. From the reading that I have done it looks like the bandsaw is an upper end homework shop...
  4. Rex Bloem

    The bed

    Late last year I got started on building the bed for my granddaughter. It took me a long time to do as I am very slow. This is built out of burr oak from a tree that I had cut on my dad's place. I followed a plan from Wood Mag, but had to do a few modifications. The lumber had some twist to it...
  5. Rex Bloem

    curly maple

    I like to watch the Woodsmith show on PBS. This past week or so they made a box with curly maple and dyed it and it had black ends. I am about to make a box somewhat like it for my Korean daughter for her birthday. I decided to use walnut on the ends instead of dying them black. Is there a light...
  6. Rex Bloem


    Has anybody out there used hackberry for flat work. I have seen a few turnings, but no flat work that I can think of. I have access to a 26-28" hackberry tree that I can get 3 8-9' logs out of. How does it work conpared to red oak?
  7. Rex Bloem

    bust'en buttons

    My LOML and I are the proud grandparents of a baby girl. My daughter delivered a beautiful little girl yesterday after 21 hours in labor. Everybody is doing well. Our sil was wanting a boy to share his love of hunting and fishing, but minute after he took ahold of his daughter that went away and...
  8. Rex Bloem

    computer techies

    At the moment I use an air card to get my internet in the shop. I have internet service in house with a wireless modum. I have a weak signal at the shop,but no signal inside. I have been told that I can get another modum and hook into the phone line in the shop and have service here also. I have...
  9. Rex Bloem

    Wood Gloat

    Last winter I cut down a few trees to have them milled for lumber. I had taken the first 4 of 6 to the sawyer and he had gotten them cut by the first of Aug. I picked them up and stacked. I took the other 2 and he called me later that they were ready. That is when the problem started. I was in...
  10. Rex Bloem

    I have been good. Tool gloat.

    When we were opening gifts on Christmas I opened a box that checks come in. Inside was a reciept and a picture of this. I had to go and get it as it wouldn't fit in the van. But hey that was no problem, it gave me another chance to go to the Woodsmith Store. I got it home, unloaded and...
  11. Rex Bloem

    Which glue

    I am building a bed for my daughter and had to glue up legs to get them thick enough. I want to cover the edge grain so that it looks somewhat like a solid piece. I cut strips and sanded them. They are about 1/16" thick. What would be the best glue for glueing them on. Regular...
  12. Rex Bloem

    What can you do?????

    I have mine about done. I got around to working on my it fun thing and about have it done. I need to put a finish on it yet, but don't know what. It is supposed to be a little potpourri box. I kinda followed the one in Wood mag.
  13. Rex Bloem

    request that stunned me

    Saturday I was at my inlaws. After lunch I was about to leave when my LOML told her mom that I had made a cedar chest. I went out to my pickup to get my camera to show her a pic. After looking at the pics she asked if I would make their caskets. That set me back a little and I replied that it...
  14. Rex Bloem

    The end of a era.

    Next week friday will be my last day to turn wrenches at this dealership. No I didn't get laid off. I am being moved to the parts deptment as the parts lead. They came to me and asked me to do it and I have had a hard time making up my mind. Five years ago I started a mobile service for them to...
  15. Rex Bloem

    Great ending to the week.

    This last week started rather poorly as I managed to get flu like symtoms the 4th. At a little after 3am tuesday we got a phone call that my son was taking his LOML to the hospital. At 5:27 pm she gave brith to a boy. The LOML and my first grandson. We left here wed am as the LOML had to work on...
  16. Rex Bloem

    Which glue?

    I went out today a purchased wood to build a cedar chest of some friends. They want it biult from cherry and then stained to match their bedroom set.I will line it with cedar panel liner. The chest will be stained fairly dark. Should I use liquid hide glue or the yellow wood glue? I will try to...
  17. Rex Bloem

    block planes

    I have 3 planes that I am trying to fet into shape. A Stanley 12-220, one is marked C-255. I think that it is a Stanley as it has the sweetheart symbol on the blade. The last is what I think is a Bluegrass Belknap 107-16. What I would like to know is the angle for sharpening the blades. Also...
  18. Rex Bloem

    flat work from the show

    A few more pics.
  19. Rex Bloem

    artistry in wood

    Saturday and Sunday the Des Moines Woodworker held an Artistry in Wood show. This is where memebers show the project that they have made and their skills. There are a couple of turned hf turned by Wayne Bower. Enjoy.
  20. Rex Bloem

    silverware chest

    I managed to get this silverware chest done in time for my daughter's wedding. My dad is giving her the silverware that he and mom got for their wedding. Dad wanted a nice box for it as the silverware was in a cardboard box that was lined with felt. I had pm'ed Chuck about using his double ring...