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    Add Railing to Sloped Garden Sidewalk

    Here's what I did. I decided not to drill into the sidewalk and my neighbor said he only needed a handrail. One side of the sidewalk is next to the sideyard fence. The fence was sturdy and would easily support a handrail. I set an additional 4x4 post in the ground near the bottom of the...
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    Add Railing to Sloped Garden Sidewalk

    Thank you for your replies. The concrete is in great shape, probably only a few months old. It's 3.5" thick. There is not much room next to it to place the post in the ground. I was expecting to build a wood railing, but that can change.
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    Add Railing to Sloped Garden Sidewalk

    My neighbor would like me to add a railing and handrail to his sloped concrete backyard sidewalk. He would like the posts attached to the sidewalk. The sidewalk is about 30" wide and has a considerable slope. What post bracket or method would you recommend to attach the sidewalk to make the...
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    Garden Arbor

    The bottom trim are nailed and glued, but could be replaced without much effort. They are decorative, but also gave me a surface a board's width away from the long legs in order to drive stakes into the ground next to them. I screwed the stakes into the bottoms to hold the arbor securely. My...
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    Garden Arbor

    My sister asked for a garden arbor. She will grow climbing rose bushes on it. It is redwood construction. 2 x 4s for the legs, and 2 x 6 pieces glued together and routed with a giant trammel to create the arch. The 1.5 x 1.5 stakes on the top are recycled from an old deck demolition. I...
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    Easy Potting Bench

    My sister asked me to build her a potting bench. She sent me some Ana White plans. This bench will be sitting outside so I made it with redwood and pressure treated 2x4s and fence boards. I varied from the plans by putting in a rear rail in both the top and bottom shelves for strength. I...
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    End Table

    A friend asked me to build a matching end table to fit in the corner of her two couches. I got a good deal on some walnut from a Facebook Marketplace seller. It is 30" x 30" x 12.25" tall. The frame is built out of fir. The top is resawn walnut. Our dog approves. ATTACH=CONFIG]106721[/ATTACH]
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    What is this wood species

    The End Table Here's the end table I built. I got a good deal on some walnut from a Facebook Marketplace ad.
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    What is this wood species

    I've been asked to build a small end table for a friend. She would like it to match her couch, pictured here. I only have the pictures. Any idea on the wood species?
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    Lean-to Shed

    I just finished this Lean-to shed. I looked at a lot of them on different media sites and built this one to meet my needs. It's 4' x 10', built on cement piers, and painted to match our house. I used cutoffs from a deck project for the floor and the small porch. I just added the lumber rack...
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    Hitachi Miter Saw Stand

    I have the same saw (a few years older) mounted on a Ridgid MSUV. I'm very happy with the saw and the stand. The saw is a load, but works well on my stand. I especially like how the stand folds up into a fairly compact space in my small garage shop.
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    Ashtray from Cutting Board Cutoffs

    My son-in-law often gets together with his pals for a "Herf." I learned this is when males bond while smoking their favorite cigars. I made this ashtray for him out of multiple cutting board cutoffs. I finally used some of those odd small pieces of hardwood I refused to throw away. The...
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    Hide A Bed

    The kids moved out and my wife reclaimed their rooms. I just finished this horizontal twin bed in the "Road Trip Room." I used a bed hardware kit from Create A Bed. It is finished with faux barn wood and dark stain on the pine trim. The barn wood design was my wife's design.
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    Kitchen Light Cover/Diffuser

    A ballast was failing in the T12 fixture in our kitchen. I installed 2 - 4' LED lights in its place and just finished this kitchen light cover/diffuser. It is made out of the same crown molding I recently hung in the kitchen.. I had to stack it with baseboards where it meets the ceiling so...
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    A Simple Outdoor Project

    Here's mine. Missed this thread. Here's mine. It's similar in dimension and construction, but made out of redwood fence boards. My bat is hand routed. .
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    Martial Arts Belt Holder

    I made this belt holder for my 9 year old grandson. He attends a martial arts after school program and has been working his way through the belt procession quickly. The wood is reclaimed oak from a friend's pizza restaurant. The karate kicker and "Jacob" were routed in and filled with green...
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    BBQ Cart

    Weekend project using only wood and other materials I already had. All materials came from demmoed deck railings and left over fence and yard projects. I cleaned them up a little bit, but nothing too fancy. The handle is PVC pipe with a dowel inside it. Glue, pocket holes and brad...
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    Building new workbenches - need ideas for suitable worktops

    Cheap Work Bench Top I used 16 - fir 2x4s turned on edge to make my work bench top. Once glued together I made a sled for my router and leveled it, then covered it with cheap laminate flooring Home Depot was closing out, about $18 for a box. The flooring is tough and glue and paint scrape off...
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    California lumberjacks working on Redwoods

    Big Oaks in Louisana We toured the Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana while on vacation last week. The front yard walkway is lined with large 300 year old oak trees. I'm even drinking a mint julip. The largest one had a 30' perimeter.
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    Stacked Crown Molding

    A Cross Section Here's a cross section made up of scraps. It's pretty simple. I made a couple simple jigs to mark my walls to place the base pieces and another to place the crown on them.