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  1. Chas Jones

    The little things

    Some time it's the little things that gel the most. A couple of little coasters to go with a chairside cabinet/set of draws I made last week.
  2. Chas Jones

    Walnut Lamp Base

    This afternoons odd ball request, "Can you make me a Lamp base for an Oboe ?" Oh well, must try and maintain the Local Area Good Will. He only left me the Bell/cone? to size the location socket and retention collar, he's assembling the other sections and fitting wiring etc, although I suspect...
  3. Chas Jones

    Oak today

    Oak, 175mm dia. CSS, Buffed, Carnauba Wax finish.
  4. Chas Jones

    Chestnut +

    Chestnut & Walnut, 105mm dia. CSS, buffed & Microcrystalline.
  5. Chas Jones

    More Chestnut

    Chestnut, 140/135mm diam. CSS, Buffed, Microcrystalline wax finish. Chestnut, 135mm diam. CSS, Buffed, Microcrystalline wax finish.
  6. Chas Jones

    Sweet Chestnut

    Sweet Chestnut, 250mm dia. css, buffed, microcrystalline wax finish.
  7. Chas Jones

    A bit of Oak & Walnut.

    Todays effort, a small bowl in Oak (195mm dia.) And a platter in Walnut (268mm dia. Both finished in my usual of CSS, Buffed & Microcrystalline wax.
  8. Chas Jones

    Cherry & Purple Heart

    145mm high, CSS, Buffed & Microcrystalline wax finish.
  9. Chas Jones

    Small Lidded Bowl in Apple

    Todays effort from home dried Apple, 120mm diam. finished with CSS, buffed & Microcrystalline wax.
  10. Chas Jones

    Oddment of Laburnum.

    Laburnum, 150mm high X 90mm wide. CSS, buffed and microcrystalline wax finish.
  11. Chas Jones

    A bit of Yew

    Yew, 125mm high X 80mm wide. Cellulose sanding sealer, Buffed & Microcrystalline wax.
  12. Chas Jones

    Just a dust collector.

    Yew and Walnut. 150mm high. Cellulose sanding sealer, Buffed & Microcrystalline wax.
  13. Chas Jones

    Another marriage of Yew and Brazilian Mahogany

    Yew and Brazilian Mahogany, 140mm high. Cellulose sanding sealer, Buffed & Microcrystalline wax finish.
  14. Chas Jones

    Bon Bon Jar

    Todays end product off the Lathe; constructed from Local Yew & Brazilian Mahogany, 160mm high, Buffed sanding sealer & Microcrystalline wax finish.
  15. Chas Jones

    Pedestal Bowl

    A bit of home cured Beech was the project for today; forgot how hard Beech can be, it's been in the store for 10 + yrs. 165mm diam, CSS, Buffed & MC wax.
  16. Chas Jones

    Another Cherry Bowl

    Last of the pre-cut blanks that came off the shelf whilst restacking to find room to store some logged and slabbed Ash. Cherry, 164mm diam. usual CSS, buffed and MC wax.
  17. Chas Jones

    Cherry Bowl

    Another piece in an attempt to reduce the shed stocks, 169mm diam, CSS, 3Wheel buffed and Microcrystalline wax finish.
  18. Chas Jones

    Home Cured Cherry

    Another piece of Home dried Cherry made it off the lathe today, 170mm diam, CSS,3Wheel buffed and Microcrystalline wax finish.
  19. Chas Jones

    Cherry bowl

    Another bit of home cured, 172mm diam. CSS, Buffed & microcrystalline finish.
  20. Chas Jones

    Small Cherry & Purple Heart Urn

    Cherry and Purple Heart, 165mm high. Acrylic sealer & Lacquer, Burnishing cream & Microcrystalline wax finish.