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  1. Peter Lyon

    Inexpensive HVLP gun

    I need to spray water based white pigmented lacquer this weekend on some cabinet doors. The frames are bare poplar and the panels are prepainted (white) beadboard material I purchased from Depot. I would like to use an HVLP gun for this but unfortunately the one I've owned for a few years met...
  2. Peter Lyon


    Dumb 'ol me started making xmas gifts for my staff and a few select friends a couple of years back and now there's an expectation that this tradition will continue. Towards that end, I'm would like to ask the collective wisdom of the board about the practicality of making approximately 20...
  3. Peter Lyon

    dovetail dado's

    Hopefully someone will be willing to share their experience with me on this one. I'm in the process of building my interpretation of the rolling rod holder seen below. As you can see, I will need to attach four horizontal (is there any other kind? :huh:) shelves to the sides of the unit and...
  4. Peter Lyon

    FREE copy of Canoecraft

    I just found an extra copy of the book "Canoecraft" and would like to offer it to anyone who's interested. I would rate it in "OK" condition. First response gets it. PS - I'm heading out of town in a few minutes 'till Monday so don't hold your breath for an immediate response. :p
  5. Peter Lyon


    I just finished up a few Christmas gifts that I made out of purpleheart. Unfortunately, due to all the cutting, sanding, etc. the "purple" has been mostly taken out of the "purpleheart". I realize that left exposed to UV sunlight, it will (supposedly) revert to its once regal color. However...
  6. Peter Lyon

    finishing jatoba

    I'd love to hear about your successes finishing jatoba. I'm working on a fairly small box (think size of a loaf of bread). I was thinking of wiping on BLO/varnish/mineral spirits mixture but I'm unsure whether I should use a pore filler first or not.
  7. Peter Lyon

    wood inlay

    I'm looking for advice on how to simply insert a wood inlaid cross in the top of a box. If anyone is aware of any jigs or techniques that would facilitate the process I would greatly appreciate being pointed in that direction. I've included a picture of something approximate to what I'm...
  8. Peter Lyon

    FS: JET DC1200 dust collector and remote control switch

    For Sale: Good condition, low use (retired guy hobby shop) dust collector and Ranger II remote switching system. Local pickup only. Jet 1200 Dust collector 2 HP 1 PH presently wired for 220V 2 x 4" (or 1 x 6") dust ports The Long Ranger II (Heavy dutge remote switching system for Dust...
  9. Peter Lyon

    FS: Grizzly 1023 cabinet saw - SOLD

    Hobbyist use, 10 year old saw for sale, includes: [LIST[/B] G1023 right tilt 10" 3 hp 1 phase 220 volt HTC mobile base 53" Commercial Biesemeyer fence (model T50) Forrest Woodworker II 10" saw blade Delta Snap-in Splitter [/LIST] Asking $850. Local pickup only.