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  1. Allen Bookout

    Chainsaw oil/fuel mixture?

    I have a McCullock homeowner grade chainsaw and cannot find my manual. What is the normal oil/fuel mixture ratio for a chainsaw?
  2. Allen Bookout

    Florida Woodworking Expo?

    I just received a registration form from Redmond and Son to the Florida Woodworking Expo (TSI EXPOS) December 6th and 7th. It does state that "These are not hobbyist shows". My question is: Are these types of shows interesting for the hobbyist or are they a waste of time? I would think that...
  3. Allen Bookout

    Anyone use the quick change chucks for routers?

    Does any one here use the quick change chucks for routers? If so what are your thoughts? Seems a little expensive at sixty bucks. I do not know exactly how it secures the bits but I do not want to ruin the shafts of my bits.
  4. Allen Bookout

    A Great Project

    Here is a great wood project for any woodworking rednecks aroung here. ;) And no, I do not have the plans. :rolleyes:
  5. Allen Bookout

    Difference between single sided and double side sawblade?

    I was going to get a Freud laminate and melamine blade. I see that Freud has two: 1. LU98R010 Single Sided Laminate and Melamine blade 2. LU97M010 Double sided Laminate and Melamine blade. The both appear to do the same job. What is the difference?
  6. Allen Bookout

    Warning Amazon Forrest WW 11 $65 bluyers

    Some people are reporting defective blades that they received from Amazon during the $65 sale of the Forrest WW 11 blades. Mine was OK but I have seen pictures of two blades that were pretty bad. It might be a good idea to open the package and take a look at yours before too much time goes by...
  7. Allen Bookout

    New Delta 14" bansaw-1 1/2 hp It has been reported there is a $100 rebate from Delta bring the delivered price to $521.
  8. Allen Bookout

    Any advice for making plantation shutters?

    I need to make some plantation shutters. I do not have a shaper so will have to use a router setup. About the only thing that I can find is Woodlines set: Looks like the only bit that is not common is the bit to...
  9. Allen Bookout

    We need a new dishwasher

    It is time for a new diswasher. We have an older KitchenAid that never cleaned worth a flip so am looking for something better. After a quick search around the internet I see some reports that Bosch make the "Best Diswasher" and the "Best Buy Diswasher" and that Whirlpool makes the "Best...
  10. Allen Bookout

    Junior Woodworker Information

    I just learned something from my Granddaughter, Morgan Bookout, that is visiting us for the week. A couple of days ago we had just finished an early dinner and were planning what we were going to do next and Morgan suggested that we go to HomeDepot and get a project to work on. I had no idea...
  11. Allen Bookout

    Summerfeld's Tongue & Groove Cabinetmaking System?

    I just watched the Summerfeld's Tongue & groove Cabinetmaking System DVD and it seems like a strong, accurate and fairly fast way to construct cabinets. Anyone using this system that can give an evaluation? I do know that there was a recent problem with the tongue and groove bit set but I...
  12. Allen Bookout

    I got the Grip-Tite

    Last week I started a thread asking about the Grip-Tite. There was not a whole lot of response but the ones that I did get were positive. I hate buying something like this without trying it out as some of those guys that demonstrate products can make it look better than it is. I though that it...
  13. Allen Bookout

    Cutlist Plus?

    Does anyone here use a program called Cutlist Plus? My projects are small and I do not do a whole lot of them throughout the year but I was thinking that if it saved me time on figuring out the most ecomomical way to cut and maybe saved me a couple pieces of plywood it might be worth the cost...
  14. Allen Bookout

    Well Jim O'Dell- Some time for woodworking now

    Jim, I stayed up until 1:17am to watch your Dallas Mavericks. What in the world did you do to those guys? I guess the good thing is that you will have some time for woodworking now. The Houston guys may have some time on their hands also if they don't watch out. I do like that run and gun...
  15. Allen Bookout

    Wood Sliding Bypass Doors?

    I was going to build a cabinet with normal frame and panel doors but then it was suggested to me that it might be better to use sliding doors due to space requirements. If I used sliding doors they would be approximately two feet by three and a third feet. I looked for sliding door hardware and...
  16. Allen Bookout

    Anyone using the Grip-Tite 2000 Featherboard System?

    I just got the Rockler on line 20% off one item and was looking at the Grip-Tite system. $150 minus 20% equals $120 plus shipping. Then I looked at Amazon and same price, $120 with free shipping...
  17. Allen Bookout

    How Flat Does An Assembly Bench Need To Be?

    My plans are to build some furniture so I need a really flat assembly bench. I built one out of MDF and surfaced planed it to perfectly level so I decided to build a second one out of sandply since I had the other flat one to build it on. I decided on a second plywood one because I was afraid...
  18. Allen Bookout

    What is your most used clamp?

    What is your most used clamp? I ask this question because I was working on a project and realized that I use one clamp much more than any of the others that I have. I alway reach for this clamp first if it will work for whatever I am doing. It is the Jorgensen ISD 12" bar/spreader clamp. It is...
  19. Allen Bookout

    Porter Cable 7539 - Wow

    UPS just delivered my new PC 7539 and I am impressed. I have a Milwaukee 5625 but this PC seems so much larger. I guess that it is because it is a plunger and stands taller. This is my first PC router and I am glad that you PC guys kept saying that they were great. I have not put a bit in it yet...
  20. Allen Bookout

    Legacy Mill

    Has anyone used one of these: Jay and I walked over a took a quick look at the Tampa WW Show but now after watching the DVD I wish that I had stayed longer. I did a quick search and the only thing that I found was that Dave Richards had one...