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  1. Rick Prosser

    Fire on the homestead

    This is what we saw when we drove up the driveway on Wed evening after work.:eek: The Fire Dept had a truck on our road searching for the source of the smoke, so response was almost immediate. They got the fire out quickly, but we lost our irrigation well (where we think the fire started), the...
  2. Rick Prosser

    Finished a workbench

    It has taken literally years to finally finish up a workbench project. I glued up the top quite a while back, and other priorities always pushed out the completion. Was able to get things together and use the Labor Day weekend and this weekend to mostly finish things up. This is based off of a...
  3. Rick Prosser

    Finish for RV dashboard tray top

    My brother has an RV, and on the dash there is a tray with a top similar to a TV table - that is on runner that allow the tabletop to pull out over the passengers lap and expose the tray underneath. The tabletop gives the passenger a bit of a desktop to use for writing, map handling, eating...
  4. Rick Prosser

    A Retort to convert wood scraps to charcoal

    Since I still had time left over for sleeping, I decided that I could fit in another hobby - blacksmith :rolleyes:. In order to keep spending down to try it out, I built a dirt box forge with some scrap wood and sand, some pipe and a cheap hair dryer. (that may be a project for another...
  5. Rick Prosser


    My daughter asked for a set of wooden rings, so I gave it a try. This is actually the second try - the first was...well, lets just say no picture, didn't happen... Maple and Padouk
  6. Rick Prosser

    dylos group buy

    If you are interested in a Dylos air quality meter, Sawmill Creek is putting together a group buy (~30% discount). This is the last week for orders.
  7. Rick Prosser

    A refinish project - table top

    A friend of mine asked if I could refinish an old table top. This is not an heirloom piece, but I want to do a decent job with it. I have not done a project like this before. I have some idea of what to do, but I can always use good suggestions and guidance.:thumb: I just picked up the top - no...
  8. Rick Prosser

    They are multiplying...

    Another plane has found my shop - a #7c Stanley. It was a user, but not sure which one it is? Perhaps it has mixed parts. Seems to have attributes from type 14 -19. Seems in pretty good shape - no cracks, pretty flat and smooth corrugated sole. Here are the details I have: No patent dates cast...
  9. Rick Prosser

    Need a little guidance

    My dad just handed down some tools to me. He was never much into these tools, so he did not have need of them. Also, I have no documentation, so I don't know how to tear them down for cleaning. I will keep these - for sentimental reasons if nothing else, but would like to get use out of them...
  10. Rick Prosser

    Plane #2

    Just got my second plane - 60 1/2 Block plane. Seems to be in good shape. Cleaned it up and now it needs a sharpening. I think maybe I need one smaller and easy to carry around.:huh::D. Did Stanley make one about 3-4 inches long?
  11. Rick Prosser

    Portable sawmill advice?

    I have pretty much decided to purchase a portable sawmill. I have seen where a number of suppliers are now offering a DIY-Hobby-small landowner portable bandsaw mill in the $3-4K price range. A small bandsaw mill should suit my needs to process the trees that I am harvesting from my property...
  12. Rick Prosser

    First plane - Craftsman 107-37034

    My dad just handed down his fathers (jack?) plane to me. I know it is not a rare or unusual plane, but I would like to get it cleaned up and working. Not sure how best to proceed. It is a bit rusty, but still seems to be solid and heavy. 9.25 long and 2.5 wide So - where do I start...
  13. Rick Prosser

    Sturdy Table for tractor implements

    Now that the tractor shed is up, I need to start storing stuff. I have two attachments for the front end loader. I have 3 (soon to be 4) rear attachments for the tractor. In order to save space, I was thinking that I could store the FEL bucket and grapple on a table, and put a couple of rear...
  14. Rick Prosser

    New Toy

    Went by the local tool store today, and must have parked too close to the loading dock. When I left, this package was in the back. Now, if I just had a shop to put it in... More pictures once it gets moved in and unpacked.
  15. Rick Prosser

    Finish Room - size?

    Hope this is the right place to post this question... I am working on the layout of the shop I am building, and a finish room was suggested. Need suggestions on sizing. I know bigger is usually better, but there are probably some guidelines on a reasonable, comfortable workspace. Not planning...
  16. Rick Prosser

    What is a plane ?

    I am not quite that uninformed, but close. ;) They seem to be really neat tools. In the past, I have been mostly utilitarian based with woodworking. Basic bookshelves, coat racks, etc that work well but would never be classified as fine furniture. Used power saw, power sander, power drill/screw...
  17. Rick Prosser


    OK, this is going to show just how ignorant I am, but I am going to ask anyway... Why do I need an air compressor in my woodworking shop? What all is it used for? I see air hoses used to blow off shavings and dust, but I could use a shop vac for that. My power tools are electric. I told the...
  18. Rick Prosser

    Getting logs sawmilled

    Did not want to hijack the Big'uns thread, but it reminded me of something else. (no, not that :o) I have a number of trees that were cut due to power lines and road construction. I have found someone with a sawmill that charges $170 for 1000 bf. I don't want to waste the wood, so I am...
  19. Rick Prosser

    Attachments from FWW album?

    I hope I did not miss this in my search, - but is it possible to create an attachment to photos that are already uploaded in my FWW album, or do I have to reload them with the attachment loader to include them in a posting like this? test image Where are the attachments uploaded? I don't see...
  20. Rick Prosser

    Building my Dream

    This thread will chronicle the land clearing and building of my first dedicated woodworking shop. I hope to get the picture links working and convey some of the interesting challenges that have, and will continue to occur. Gotta enjoy the journey as much as the destination...:thumb: This is the...