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  1. Rick Prosser

    Hello from Fontana, California

    Hey steve! :wave:
  2. Rick Prosser

    A table saw infeed table

    I have one of Izzy's infeeds and it is very handy when I need one. Don't need it that often.
  3. Rick Prosser

    Video of a fellow who's pretty handy with an axe

    That was fascinating to watch. Not sure I could ever stand up straight again if I tried that now. Also, looks like a good way to loose a foot if not careful. :oops:
  4. Rick Prosser

    Dust collection system.

    I am also using PVC with no ground wires to a cyclone. Sometimes I can feel some static if I put my hand on the pipe, but never been zapped.
  5. Rick Prosser

    Been Cutting Slabs

    I cut cookies from cherry for my daughters wedding and used BLO. They held up great and are stacked in a corner waiting for some other use....
  6. Rick Prosser

    CCW insurance.

    Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network is $135 to join - and includes a book and an educational video set. Renewals are ~$100 per year.
  7. Rick Prosser

    Toy box

    Excellent! Really like the style. Can't wait to see the finish.
  8. Rick Prosser

    CCW insurance.

    I have "insurance" thru Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network. I reviewed multiple organizations and this one seemed to best fit my needs. Hope to never need them, but good to know they are there if something does happen.
  9. Rick Prosser

    CCW Licensing Requirements for Your State?

    In SC, an 8 hour classroom course (mostly law related) is required and you have to pass a live fire marksmanship test and a background check with finger prints. 5 year renewals can be handled thru the mail and have been easy for me. Even with or without a valid permit, you cannot open carry a...
  10. Rick Prosser

    sit'n in the ER

    Hope it goes quicker, but take it slow and steady.
  11. Rick Prosser

    Finally Done With The Cutting

    Wow...just wow
  12. Rick Prosser

    Pictures to encourage focus when using shop tools....

    I have been clearing a wooded section of land for a garden and had to fell 10-15 large trees. All came down just as planned until the last two. A little breeze started up at the end of the day and both of them refused to cooperate and tried to fall the opposite way. I was able to force them over...
  13. Rick Prosser

    Covid danger

    Sorry to hear that David. We are taking it seriously and hunkering down at home. (able to work from home)
  14. Rick Prosser

    i think i ordered the wrong one....

    That is a monster! It has teeth on both sides?
  15. Rick Prosser

    Map Chest in walnut

    A beauty and a beast!
  16. Rick Prosser

    1901 harp New project

    That looks awesome!
  17. Rick Prosser

    Cleat Fixtures - Sliding Pegs

    Interesting. Is there a big benefit to have the items captured on the cleat - maybe more secure? I can see where it would be easier to lift them off and place them elsewhere instead of having to be able to slide all the way to the end to remove and place higher or lower. (this non-captured...
  18. Rick Prosser

    Mahogany & Beech

    Very nice work!
  19. Rick Prosser

    The Gustav Greene tables - Complete!

    Exceptional work!
  20. Rick Prosser

    knife making

    John - the knives look great! I would agree. I got a cheap HF belt grinder to get started, and I am looking forward to upgrading - even though I don't plan to do a lot of knife making, it has other uses in the blacksmith (and woodworking) shop.