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  1. Tony Falotico

    Old Powermatic Tablesaw

    I have a lead on an old powermatic tablesaw, 5 HP 3 Phase. It's been sitting in the elements for about 6 months but it's said to be in fairly good shape. Question is, if the motor is replaced with, say a 220V 2 - 5 HP single phase motor will it be powerful enough to work properly? The...
  2. Tony Falotico

    Cutting Boards

    Made these for my two oldest children. Basic maple end grain board with resin inlay cut on my CNC machine. Hope you enjoy...
  3. Tony Falotico

    Hello All

    I used to be an active member, in late 2012 my wife and I were dealt a deadly hand that plummeted us into a five year horror story. After many twists and turns we finally recovered, adopted our three young grand daughters, retired and resumed a somewhat normal life. I recently got my shop...
  4. Tony Falotico

    Ford F250 Turbo Diesel

    Hey all, I've not posted for a while, but I do lurk almost daily......... Anyway, I'm looking (very seriously) at a 2005 F250 turbo diesel, V8 6L in very good shape. 51500 miles, 1450 hrs. I am totally new to diesels. It makes a lot of noises I'm not used to, especially the whining of the...
  5. Tony Falotico

    Aquarium Stand UPDATE

    Hey All! Haven't been posting in a while, been doing a lot of fishing and other stuff the past year. Got back in the shop over the holidays and produced a few pieces for my home office / computer room / "man cave". First two pic's are shelves I made to display my fishing reel collection...
  6. Tony Falotico

    Very Disappointing

    :( My buddy & I drove 150 miles (each way) yesterday to attend the Woodworkers Show in Tampa. Paid $10 to get in (If I remember it was $7 last year). In our disappointment we noted: Not as many venders as in past years Those that did come brought much less than in past years The crowd was...
  7. Tony Falotico

    Veneering Questions

    I'm moving into unknown territory here (veneering) -- project is a built in computer station / desk area in what is to become the computer room / secondary TV room / reading room. The desk top is going in a nook that is 88" wide x 28" deep. I have some nice figured maple that I want to resaw...
  8. Tony Falotico

    Leigh RVA1 Router Vacuum Attachment

    The RVA1 is no longer in production, and is no longer available direct from Leigh. However some dealers still have stock. Leigh Industries will continue to offer parts and service. I no longer have any use for this, If you do make an offer. Used, no missing...
  9. Tony Falotico

    rubber feet on cutting board?

    Do any of you use rubber feet (or any other material) on your cutting boards? If so, why or why not? And, any sources for them? These seem kinda pricey to me Also, anybody had an end grain board warp? I...
  10. Tony Falotico

    Fein Multimaster

    Okay, I've looked at this machine for several years, had some desire for one, but never bought one due to the price. No doubt in my mind it is an extremely well made tool and probably worth the asking price. Question is, how useful is it? My main desire is the detail sanding attachment for...
  11. Tony Falotico

    Tampa Woodworking Show

    Anyone going to The Woodworking Show in Tampa this weekend (03/13-15)?
  12. Tony Falotico

    Earrings anyone?

    Last months club meeting demo was an earring holder, so this months challenge project is earrings. Easy Enough? Yea, right!! Making the first one is fun and easy. Making the second to match, not so easy. Re-working the first again to match the second that ended up smaller, :doh: So here is...
  13. Tony Falotico

    Neader haul

    I have never settled on any one discipline in woodworking, but have dabbled in flatland, got sucked into the vortex of turning, done large stuff, small stuff, burned electrons and turned Neanderthal at times. A coworker asked me a while back if I was interested in some planes. His Dad was...
  14. Tony Falotico

    jewelry findings

    This may not be the right place to post this -- but it is a lathe project so ..... Anybody know of a reasonable source for jewelry findings? That is, the loops and studs to make ear rings (In jeweler's talk "findings"). Googled 'findings' and found some sources, pricing seems odd (read...
  15. Tony Falotico

    Wenge Stains

    Working with wenge today, The tips of my fingers and palms of my hands are stained. No matter how hard I try, still looks like my hands are dirty. :eek: Any suggestions on removing wenge stain from hands? Tony
  16. Tony Falotico

    Grex pneumatic ROS

    Anybody have the Grex 2" Angle Random Orbit Sander ? If so, your thoughts please ......... How big of a compressor do you have? I have a 5hp 20 gal that delivers 7.1 cfm @ 90 psi, so it sounds like I should be OK. Getting conflicting info...
  17. Tony Falotico

    Washable AC Filters ?

    Anyone using the metal washable AC Filters in their home? I use the Filtrete (Red paper replaceable) filters at $12 a pop and get 4-6 weeks before replacement. The metal washables are pricey ($40-$80 ? ) but would pay-off in a reasonable time, question is do they work well and are there any...
  18. Tony Falotico

    Sharpening a Chainsaw Chain

    Does anyone use a sharpening jig or do you go freehand? If you use a sharpening jig - which one do you use? Lee Valley has two -- the Deluxe seems kinda complicated, lots of settings,43072,43086&ap=1 HF sells what looks like the same...
  19. Tony Falotico

    Extracting a BURL

    I have a Pecan log about 22" Diameter with a 7-8" diameter burl that protrudes 3-4" from the main trunk. My question is, how deep into the trunk should I go when I cut it out? PICS:
  20. Tony Falotico

    Pocket Door Question

    I have a pocket door going to the laundry room that's been damaged and I want to replace just the door -- the rest of it is fine. Problem is I can't figure out how to get the door off the tracks :huh: It will not lift straight up and off -- the upper rollers are too fat come out of the...