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  1. Steve Southwood

    Good thoughts for Sharon.

    Outstanding, very happy she has returned home, where the best healing happens
  2. Steve Southwood

    Compact tractors

    Well used combine for $150 K.. Get a chance check out the prices now on stuff
  3. Steve Southwood

    Praying all are well

    Thanks for asking John. We spent about an hour in shelter at work. My home area and work only received light damage. About 30 miles south, was the total distruction. Two guys from work had serious damage, far as I know only one death could be tied to work family, if thats how to word it. One...
  4. Steve Southwood

    Making sawtooth shelf standards

    Fine Woodworking has an article by Jeff Miller, early 2000's where he built a bookcase and used these. I did the same, and used his tech. You make two jigs for the tablesaw, I kept the jigs, it worked so good. Sorry but I hope that helps with a little searching. Bad night last night, storms...
  5. Steve Southwood

    Good thoughts for Sharon.

    Great news. Still sending good vibes
  6. Steve Southwood

    Leigh Super 18 Unburied

    I have the 24" and these things are great. I built a spot into my outfeed table for storage for this monster.
  7. Steve Southwood

    Good thoughts for Sharon.

    Prayers and good vibes heading your way.
  8. Steve Southwood

    Audrey last Saturday. (GRAPHIC WARNING TO NON-HUNTERS)

    And that's how you get a freezer full of good aim. Well done
  9. Steve Southwood

    Self publish

    A little info from those people in Covington.
  10. Steve Southwood

    Grandson arrived yesterday

    Congrats that's great
  11. Steve Southwood

    Ooni Pizza Oven Table

    Yes another review requested, once you put it through it's paces
  12. Steve Southwood

    The Great White

    That turned out great
  13. Steve Southwood

    Going to Kentucky

    Lost Art Press is in Covington, lots of good bars too. Don't ask how I know about the bars:cool:
  14. Steve Southwood

    knob placement poll

    X marks the spot
  15. Steve Southwood

    knob placement poll

    Neither. Knob goes center of the stile and on bottom line of rail.
  16. Steve Southwood

    Very Bad Day-plus fix

    Great save.
  17. Steve Southwood

    Learn something NEW every day.

    Very nice. I have a neighbor who built one also, he actually studied to be a priest here local. He now owns a brewery on the convent grounds, with the nun's blessing of course.
  18. Steve Southwood

    I may need an intervention

    Yes it is a time saver. I have never gotten the perfectly flat, can't tell the boards were joined together glue up. Now it doesn't slip as much as a biscuit jointer for sure, but I always get a little ridge.
  19. Steve Southwood

    I may need an intervention

    I have the 500 and would buy it again. End all, be all? Probably not. I also have a FMT which I also use and will never sale.
  20. Steve Southwood

    Yelled Uncle! Went to the ER yesterday

    Torodol is amazing stuff