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    Here we go again--I have to appoligize again for not being here again.

    This time since before July 10, 2013. On that date I was supposed to go in for routine removal of the Cancerous Right Kidney. A two hour proceedure. It went anything but normal. After 10 minutes with the robot, they backed out and cut me open from right below my rib cage down to below my belly...
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    Long time not here! And a windows 8 comment

    I realized how long it's been since I've been here, this afternoon, when I had to log in! Sorry I've Missed all the beautiful things everyone has made, the greart tips, the small gloats, the happines of getting new tools. Haven't felt too well since about September. Had a "look see" scheduled...
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    Heartfelt Thanks and Merry Christmas

    I want to thank you all for all your support during the last 5 months. I'm over the hump now, just six treatments of BCG, an experimental treatment that works on bladder cancer and they believe will work on mine. Also, I want to wish you all Merry Christmas. Bruce
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    Life Changing Event

    At 11:03 PM on September 21, it started! Well, it actually started eariler, but I didn't know it till that time. My wife tells me that for the 21 through the 25th, I was in the land of Aquarious. Totally out of it to such an extent that the head ER Nurse had to use the Knuckle chest rub...
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    Help from all quarters

    I need two pieces each of Buckeye 6"X6"X4" and some Redwood burl of the same dimentions. . These will be turned into bowls the Mother of a Coast Guard daughter and one for the daughter and her Coast Guard husband. Please PM me with the cost. Bruce
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    Hey Californians and those from Utah

    Here I come again, with my hand out. I need two 6X6X4 pieces of a wood that is native to California and two pieces of Buckeye Burl from Utah. I have been told that the Buckeye Burl is plentiful there. Bruce
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    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

    You might recall my asking about a problem I was happening with my vacumn chuck. At the stage I was talking about, The chuck was inside the bowl and I was rmoving tennon and finalizing the outside. The solution is Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy! Bring up the TAIL STOCK, Dummy and knock off...
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    Question for turnere using Vacumn chucks

    Occasionally I use a vacum chuck to hold a piece. The one I was doing yesterday is odd shaped and I was cleaning up the bottom. I was pulling 50-60 lbs of negative pressure, but keep losing the piece. Speed is 210 rpms(slowest speed available) Any ideas, so I don't put the piece back in the...
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    Need Help in making a decision

    LOML and I have been thinking of getting a GPS. We're down to Garvin and TomTom. We can't make a decision, so , I'm coming to you folks for your experience and guidance.:huh: Thanks, Bruce
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    John daugherty

    Please check your PM's there should be one there from me. If you don't want to try it, let me know and I'll send it back to jon. Bruce
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    Missing in action

    Anyone been in touch with Brent Dowell? If so, Ask him to look at him PM's. He's next to receive the Pendant Mandrell and I need his address to send it to him. Thanks, Bruce
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    Larry Merlau

    For all who have had the pleasure of meeting, doin' a little bit of business with, or just received something from him, as a member of the vortex, I nominate Larry Merlau: THE CANDY MAN! :wave::thumb::headbang::biker::beer: All those in favor-------------- SAY AYE!!!!!!!!!;);):):):) Bruce
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    Dr's Report

    Went to V.A. for once over. Nothing bad goin' on same old aches and pains. One bit of good news, though. January, 2009 Weight 304 :eek::eek::eek: Obviously had to do something. Decided to cut down on food and get a little more exercize. The hospital stay in 2009 helped me get down to about...
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    The 2 HOUR BOWL!!!

    NO, I did not complete this NE Maple bowl in two hours. I finished it late Friday evening and took it to the Saturday morning market. Maple NE 12" Dia X 8" tall. It was tha last piece I set out, after showing it to a potter friend. Time 8 AM. At 10:00 AM a previous customer stopped by. They...
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    Gettin Lazy - need the thread on bowl support jig

    I'm pretty sure there was a thread on a support for a vase or tall bowl, but can't remember where. Got a vase that's too tall and will blow up without it. I got the Wheels, but need the spec's on the frame, etc. Thanks, Bruce
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    Need your prayers and crossed fingers

    Saturday, I got a call from one of my galleries. They asked if I would be able to make 400 pen & pencil sets, with a desk stand, using reclamed wood. I have a lot of Cherry that came from a downed Black Cherry Tree. I have reclaimed it from being burned. In my mind that is "REclamed". I'm...
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    Nova DVR or 1624-44

    Anyone out there got one of these they'd like to sell, so that they can upgrade? Nova DVR 1624-44 Please let me know. I have a friend that wants to up-grade from a Jet 1014. Thanks,:thumb: Bruce
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    Attn: Philly. New Hamshire, Vermont!

    Time to batton down the hatches. Bruce and SWMBO is headed your way in June. We have a wedding on the 18th in Delaware, so we'll spend several days in Philly, (Know a lot about Philly, SWMBO was born there and a stop at Penn State Industries is on the schedule. -to save freight) and the rest of...
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    What are your thoughts on this

    We all call ourselves Americans, when in reality, we are Citizens of The United States of America. Everyone living as citizens of countries in North, Central, and South America are AMERICANS. I believe that we should, if we are not ready to embrace all of our American neighbors, find another...
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    Woodworking Shows in St Louis

    Anyone goin" Saturday and is there going to be a breakfast meeting before goin"? Bruce