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    Finally an Organization thinking of old men about time.

    So i was delighted this am to see for once, not a this charity for that cause or another for this or that female group like m2 but this time some acknowledgement that us old geysers actually do exist and have a need for a place like a workshop to see out our days. Note i am particularly...
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    Jool Tool

    Anyone ever used or come across this tool perhaps in jewelry industry Smaller discs similar to worksharp i guess designed more for polishing and abrading in Jewelry industry but for carving gouges i think it could be a winner specifically for small to tiny tools for detail...
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    Worksharp disc 3D printed

    So i am doing some research on the worksharp 3000. At this stage i do not have one. Anyhow the feature i like is being able to see through the wheel for carving chisel grinds. I am happy with my scary sharp sandpaper technique for normal woodworking flat chisels so really for me this is the...
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    Chuckle to myself this am

    So watching Rifleman this morning before i start the day. So Lucas McCabe is walking round town while his son loads wagon with supplies. Lucas always has his rifle in his hand. So I said to Linda , how does he manage to do his shopping round town always carrying his rifle. Then i thought...
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    Getting back to an incomplete project

    Some of you will recall this image from the past. I picked this up again and am working on it intermittently.
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    Radial Arm saws

    I have a question why do radial arm saws seem so unpopular. Every time i watch a Frank Howarth video i see how he makes use of his bank of setup saws and think to myself dialed in they got to be more accurate than a chop saw intended for a jobsite. He also has two table saws so he is aware of...
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    Just to make you hungry....Beef Wellington

    Well while i am at it catching up on posts i thought what the heck you guys are always teasing me with your cooking so here is a teaser for you. Linda made a great beef wellington yesterday (think she was trying to impress Mil lol) . For those of you that dont know what beef wellington is it is...
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    New Tool

    Well i dont know how many of you have noticed that Narex the Czech manufacturer of chisels has recently launched a few new tools in the carving area. Lee Valley and Highland Woodworking have them in stock. Pls dont get them from Amazon or soon there wont be a woodworking store left. Anyhow i...
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    Cooking spatula

    For some time now i have wanted to get to this project and try my hand at making a spatula out of wood. We have one in our kitchen that is a go to for all sorts of cooking. So i cut a strip out of a slab of European beech that i purchased originally for this very project. Here is where i am at...
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    Bbq modification

    Well to all of you this is a Bbq but to me its a Braai. lol Anyhow as part my my wedding gift to my son i gave him my barrel Bbq i made. Problem was transporting it in our fake pickup car (cough another SWMBO project) required that i cut it in half for transportation under the tonneau cover ...
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    Quick Wood and Metal nightstand

    Well i knew i should not throw anything away (says the hoarder to himself) however in an attempt to reform i tossed out a spare bedside table in our most recent move. Well Mil decided to come visit after the wedding so SWMBO ordered up a new nightstand or she would go out and buy one. So i...
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    Cake stand

    Well this is hardly what i would call fine woodworking but when it comes to family orders they never come about with much time to do. Had to make a cake stand for my oldest sons recent wedding. This is what SWMBO ordered up. Here is a pic of the cake
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    Laugh of the Day

    Hey its Monday so here goes... Lawyers should never ask a Southern grandma a question if they aren’t prepared for the answer. In a trial, a Southern small-town prosecuting attorney called his first witness, a grandmotherly, elderly woman to the stand. He approached her and asked, “Mrs...
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    Calgary Stampede ....

    Just wondering if anybody else on the forum follows the action at the Stampede each year or am i the lone wanna be cowboy. I can tell you attending the event itself is most definitely on my bucket list. Oh man I was born in the wrong wrong place. Still trying to decide if its courage or...
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    Happy Canada Day to all Canadians

    From one Happy Canadian to all my fellow Canadians I hope you have a Happy Fun filled Canada Day and please spare a moment to think of just how fantastic this country is to live in. We cooking in Ontario having about 24 people over for a Braai (that means meat not hot dogs and hamburgers lol)...
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    New Shop Tour Pano

    Settling in to new shop. Still have ways to go for project and need power but its getting there. Thankfully i made most items mobile so they can be moves around when in use to make use of the little workspace left. It will do for now. Should be able to organize power as main house panel is just...
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    My new Lawnmower

    Having my cereal on the deck and the backup lawnmower came out for its breakfast too. Not sure about the way it cuts the lawn a bit patchy. lol
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    Electric hoist for Shop!

    I decided its time to save my back. Anyone here have an electric hoist? Any recommendations please. Found some on but too good to be true so asking brain trust. This is the one i saw...
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    Xmas Tree , did you ever go to one???

    A member here sent me an email that jolted this memory and i thought i would do this post as a curiosity to find out if ya all had this kind of thing in the USA growing up. So my Dad established a social club back in the day at the company he worked for when he came out the Navy end of WW 2...
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    Worthy of your support

    Hi All i have previously posted this guys videos and in the event you have not followed or kept up with his progress this youngster is a real shining light in my opinion when looking at the next gen of woodworker boat builders. He has never shied away from the task and poured himself into...