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  1. Charles Lent

    Bandsaw insert replacement in brass.

    Very well done, but they do sell those. Charley
  2. Charles Lent

    Not fine woodworking

    "Couldn't match up the exact hair color on this one and I don't need to spend 25 dollars on a quart of custom paint I will never use again" Instead of going to a paint store for small amounts of paint, go to a craft store. They sell little bottles of about every color you can think of. It's...
  3. Charles Lent

    Can I rant about something?

    Rachael from card services? I got a call last week from Rachael at dealer services, and I asked if she was the same Rachael from card services. She hung up on me. Not very polite of her to do that to me. Charley
  4. Charles Lent

    Little house demo

    How about posting a short video of the actual collapse via tractor, dust cloud and all. Charley
  5. Charles Lent

    Twin Carbon Torch

    I had one like that, and a single rod version, back before I got the pacemaker and they forbid me from being near any high energy arcs. All of my larger metal working equipment is now in my #2 son's shop, but It's just across town, so when I need something I just get him to make what I need. He...
  6. Charles Lent

    Temporary Vertical Lumber Rack

    Ah, significant progress. But I'm in Rennie's position, "if only my ceiling was higher". Glad that at least one of us is making progress. I like the design though, and would copy it if I had a higher shop ceiling. Charley
  7. Charles Lent

    Can I rant about something?

    When I get those car insurance calls, I ask them if they will insure my 1996 Dodge Dakota, and they hang up. Hey, it still runs fine, but doesn't look very good. The paint has worn through to the prime coat. It's my lumber hauler and go-to-the-dump truck. When they call back, my phone has the...
  8. Charles Lent

    Sturdy & Stable?

    Yes, it was. Charley
  9. Charles Lent

    Deckseat for two

    Allen, You can come down here and take care of my 3 acres of lawn and even sit by the lake any time that you want. Lots of green (although not this time of year) to enjoy. About 1,200' of lake shore too. Charley
  10. Charles Lent

    I blame John Elway

    "Noting your name, even though I go by Chuck, according to my dad, my birth name is Charley..... but the doctor wrote Charles on my birth certificate which irritated my dad something fierce.. he demanded I get it corrected.... never did.. The family still uses and calls me Charley, even though...
  11. Charles Lent

    Sturdy & Stable?

    The curved pieces would be difficult for me. I would likely need to create them by re-sawing thicker stock into thin layers and glue them back together in a curved form = considerable time and effort. Then saw and shape them to size. I can see half of my labor spent just making these pieces...
  12. Charles Lent

    OK I'm impressed

    So am I !! Thanks for posting this. Is that you in the photo? Charley
  13. Charles Lent

    I blame John Elway

    My earliest ancestor on my father's side of the family was a Sea Captain with the Dutch East India Company. He made several trips between Holland and the trading post where Manhattan is today, then brought his family over and established a farm in the Flushing area of Brooklyn about 1600. His...
  14. Charles Lent

    I blame John Elway

    Are you taking Statin Drugs? It was causing this, and other symptoms of stiffness throughout my body, and they kept trying me on different ones until they had tried them all. The first that they put me on was Lipitor, and I was on it for almost 2 years, getting stiffer and stiffer. Then my wife...
  15. Charles Lent

    Large Shadow Box Frame

    Very nice Glenn. I have all of the Apollo, Skylab, and Space Shuttle Mission Patches from back when I was working on the NASA programs, and I still haven't taken the time to build frames for them. Some day soon, I keep saying to myself. Charley
  16. Charles Lent

    Temporary farm shop

    Use treated lumber for all replacements. When they come back in the spring they are going to get belly aches, and the survivors will look elsewhere for meals. Charley
  17. Charles Lent

    Deckseat for two

    Welcome Phil, Nice project. Your design? It is quite unusual compared to others that I've seen. Charley
  18. Charles Lent

    Road Back to a Wood Shop

    For breaking up large sheet stock and long work I use a cutting table outside my shop. It's just a 1 X 4 frame about 30 X 70" with five short lengths of 2 X 4 laid flat and flush with the top edge of the frame. There is one across the center and then two more at each end, positioned where needed...
  19. Charles Lent

    Coupla Doves

    Some 20 years back I was working on a project in NY State and living in a Residence Inn for 7 months. Two dove couples spent the Winter living on a ledge just under my balcony. They woke me up every morning. Charley
  20. Charles Lent

    Another Urn

    My local virtual woodworking club ( discovered some years ago that some of our Veterans cremains were being buried in cardboard boxes and styrofoam coffee cups in our National Cemeteries and we decided to do something about it. We have set up a system that has been working well...