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  1. Chris Mire

    table saw problem

    so i am pretty sure one of the capacitors on the motor for my table saw is bad. the motor won't start correctly, it has correct 220 power because i tried another tool there. i stole the larger capacitor off my dad's saw, same size motor and brand and it ran better but still not right. so i am...
  2. Chris Mire

    6" sanders

    Ok, so I have a Metabo 6" dual orbit sander, don't remember the model but it is the older one not the newer turbotec model they have now. I loved the sander except I was never really sure which mode it was in. the way you switch modes is very confusing. anyway, the pad on this sander no longer...
  3. Chris Mire

    bed rail fasteners

    anyone know how to install these... this wouldn't be my choice for fasteners for a bed but the headboard and foot board are already set up for this type and i am making replacement rails. i assume i need a deep slot to slide it in on...
  4. Chris Mire

    sale on PM 2000 at CPO Powermatic
  5. Chris Mire


    it's been awhile since i have posted, been kinda busy. i guess that's a blessing in this economy. here is a personal project and a work project. the first is the dining room table i built for us. it's based on one my wife found on line. it actually had one larger pedestal on each side. i had...
  6. Chris Mire

    maple armoire

    i built this last week. first time i have every tried doors like this. the client wanted something that looked like an antique. and since i couldn't do the complicated curved crown top he wanted, i wanted the doors to make a statement. hopefully he likes it, i deliver today. he is going to paint...
  7. Chris Mire

    kitchen cabinets

    here is the first kitchen i did since i reopened the shop. knotty cypress with painted island, hood, ent center, and bathrooms i did everything except the doors. they are mitered raised panel. the island, hood and ent center will be glazed.
  8. Chris Mire

    breadboard end

    i'm doing a dining table and i am putting breadboard ends on the top. the breadboards will be 7" wide, the table is going to be 94" total. i was going to make the tenons 2" long (as in the mortise being 2" deep). do you guys and gals think this is long enough for the size of that breadboard end...
  9. Chris Mire

    doweling jig

    any suggestions on a good doweling jig. i have a project coming up where dowels would probably be the best method of joinery. thanks chris
  10. Chris Mire

    rockwell 28-200 bandsaw

    there is one of these saws listed on craigslist locally, I need a bandsaw, this one seems to need a motor. were these good saws? i guess i'd need to know what a new motor would cost. just curious if it's even worth pursuing. thanks chris
  11. Chris Mire

    What's in a name?

    Ok so many of you know that back around September of last year I decided to close my cabinet business and move back into the world of engineering, well let's just say it's a good thing I took Tod's advice and kept my tools. (well except for the table saw i sold my dad before i quit, I had...
  12. Chris Mire to dad

    well ever since i shut down my business my dad has been wanting to get back into doing more woodworking. he came across an add in the paper for a part time cabinet shop worker, just so happens he knows the guy who owns the shop. so he hired him to work 3 days a week, that has since turned into 5...
  13. Chris Mire

    sliding cabinet doors

    anyone ever install sliding cab doors, like on many of the popular media consoles today. where you have 2 doors, both on tracks and one slides behind the other. also seen these on some buffets. if so, did you use hardware for this application or did you make your own guide system? i'd like to...
  14. Chris Mire

    sealing cypress swings - problem

    well my FIL bought 2 cypress swings and finished them with minwax polycrylic even though i told him not to. well the finish has begun to turn white so now he wants to redo them. a local hardware store owner suggested Hellman's spar varnish, which i agree is a good choice. the question is, does...
  15. Chris Mire

    how do you clean your spray equipment?

    i know it's a bad thing but do to lack of time and laziness i just spray a bunch of mineral spirits through the gun when i am done using it for the day. so i ask, how are ya'll doin it? what is the best way to clean your gun? chris ps. i am using an inexpensive CH turbine powered hvlp.
  16. Chris Mire

    pen turner's kit

    wanna buy my dad a pen turnin kit. any suggestions on a good one? he has never turned a pen before. i don't know what questions to ask. im sure it's just like everything else. everyone like a different kind, or is it really that important? not sure how different they are. any help is appreciated...
  17. Chris Mire

    bulls eye sanding sealer

    i was using this stuff to put some seal coats on a few items for the house. well it was quite cool and windy this weekend and hence it seems it was taking longer to cure. the can recommends 1 hours before resanding and second coat. so i waited 2, when i went to sand with a fine sanding block, it...
  18. Chris Mire

    wipe on poly

    if you have used this before, how many coats did you put on? i am finishing my bamboo cabinets with minwax wipe on and i am on the 3rd coat. sanded after 2 coats. i think it looks good with three. is 3 coats enough of this stuff?
  19. Chris Mire

    cypress beadboard ceiling

    ok, i put cypress beadboard on the ceilings under my porches on the new house. I need to finish it with a clear coat. my painter wants more than i want to pay, mostly because he wants to put a high grade exterior varnish on it which costs alot. i was just gonna spray it with poly, it isn't...
  20. Chris Mire


    ok, i am about to embark on a journey that might frustrate me, is destined to challenge me but when it is over will give me great pride in a job well done. Soon I will attempt to do my own staircase. The structure of the stairs is already in place. 2x stringers, treads and risers. My job will...