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  1. Dave Hoskins

    Friday 27May22

    Have some errands to do today. Shop time is planned over the weekend. Had my tamale ration yesterday. No shortage of tamales in Texas, for sure. Outside of that I have no plans, because to me too many plans is dangerous.
  2. Dave Hoskins

    Podacarpus Jar

    I managed to finish this up yesterday. Right hand is really giving me the fits! Plus they are doing a bunch of power line upgrades in my area to accomodate a new development down the road. Doing that they have to cut off power now and then. At least they come up and tell me before things...
  3. Dave Hoskins

    Did You Know?

    That Dunkin Donuts was the first retailer to sell donut holes? They were. And that, my friends, is history!
  4. Dave Hoskins

    Yeah, It's Kinda Hot!

    I know, I know. I'm in Texas. But, Hey! We're still in the middle of May. But, it is 104 out there right now, at 3:45 p.m. Oh, well. I know. Quit complaining. phhhhhhhtttttttttt!!!!!
  5. Dave Hoskins

    Hackberry Bowl

    This batch of hackberry seems to have a lot of blemishes in it. But, that's OK. Makes it look better in my opinion. The widest point on this is 12 1/2" and 11" the narrowest. The height is 3" with a depth of 2 1/2". The volume measured to the brim is 3/4 gallon. Did my old time sealing...
  6. Dave Hoskins

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

    May all the Moms out there have a Happy Mother's Day! It's your day. You earned it. So enjoy it!
  7. Dave Hoskins

    Dr. Strange Multiverse Madness

    The only thing I can say about the second Dr. Strange movie is, OUTSTANDING!!!
  8. Dave Hoskins

    Friday 6May22

    Going to see Dr Strange today. That's enough for one day, me thinks.
  9. Dave Hoskins

    Gertrude & Mildred

    Funny names for them, but hey! They are turkeys. Just nice seeming them.
  10. Dave Hoskins

    Dr. Strange #2

    I guess I am not the only Marvel fan out there, for sure. It starts on May 6. I was looking at the theater website and noticed that seats were already selling out. Wow! So, I bought our tickets yesterday. So, if you are thinking of going to see it, and you want good seats, you might wanna...
  11. Dave Hoskins

    A Terrible, Terrible Loss

    I failed to mention earlier that on Battle Bots last night, Witch Doctor lost to Tantrum in the championship finals. I had toes and fingers crossed for Witch Doctor to win, but oh crap no. Maybe next year.
  12. Dave Hoskins


    Saw my Physical Medicine doctor late this morning. She had the results from the Ortho doctors for me. My BMI is at 39 and they won't do anything unless it is 35 or less. She herself though it was crazy with everything that I do, but phhhtttt! They would not listen to her. What really...
  13. Dave Hoskins

    Right Knee MRI Results

    I don't have a printed copy of the report yet, but I will be as accurate on this as I can. My Physical Medicine doctor called yesterday afternoon. She is a really great doctor who is always upbeat and cheerful. She wasn't any of that when she called. I'll try and get this right. All the...
  14. Dave Hoskins

    Friday 1Apr22

    Tis Friday once more time. Just some errands today. Shop time over the weekend.
  15. Dave Hoskins

    Off to See the Scanner!

    Leaving in a bit to have a double MRI done. Yeah, two at once. One for the right knee to confirm it's falling apart. The other of my guts to see if the cancer is gone or trying to come back. Hints of it trying from the last one, so we shall see. And, yes. After all of that it will be...
  16. Dave Hoskins

    Here We Go Again

    Definitely the time of year for pop up storms here. Coming this way right now, just to the west of me is hail and possible twisters. This was not in the initial forecast. Came up late this afternoon.
  17. Dave Hoskins

    Podacarpus Jar

    Finished this up this morning. Sealed with walnut oil. Finished with shellac. Yeah, went back to shellac. The diameter is 5 1/2", total height 5", vessel height 2 1/4", vessel depth 1 3/4", 1 1/2 cups volume. Somewhere there in the process I used the tripoli compound stuff.
  18. Dave Hoskins

    Friday 18Feb22

    Not much happening today. Errands mainly. Shop time over the weekend as far as I know. Gonna get my weekly dose of tamales for lunch. THAT is for sure.
  19. Dave Hoskins

    7 1/4" Podacarpus Bowl

    Finished this up yesterday afternoon and took the photos this morning. 7 1/4" in diameter, 2 1/2" high, 2 1/4" deep, 3 cup volume. Sealed with walnut oil. Finishing was done a bit different. I used lacquer this time instead of shellac. Thought I would see how it did and was rather happy...
  20. Dave Hoskins

    Friday 11Feb22

    Planned on doing some errands today, but we shall see. Shop time over the weekend. Outside of that, I had my tamales earlier in the week, so nothing else really matters all that much.